We look forward to your postcards!

Dear railway fans,

Have you planned your summer holiday yet?

Why not send us a postcard:

Rail Nation
Bright Future GmbH
Gustav-Heinemann-Ufer 56
50968 Cologne

Write us your avatar and server name and tell us from where you sent us the card.

All participants will receive 100 Gold.
If there’s a railway theme on the postcard, you’ll even get 200 Gold!

Each avatar can only take part once – so send us your postcard from your most exciting holiday location!
If you don’t plan to go on holiday, you can just send a postcard from home too. That way, we’ll collect quite a number of exciting places and countries.

This map shows you where we have received postcards from so far:

Entry closes on 1st October 2017.

We look forward to your postcards!

Your Rail Nation Team