Update 4.2.0

Hello railroaders,

we have already given you lots of information about Update 4.2.0 over recent weeks. The first servers have received the update by now. By the end of next week, all servers will run on version 4.2.0.

Here’s a summary of the most important information. The update brings some big changes that we’ve developed in cooperation with players. Additionally, there are loads of bug fixes and crucial performance improvements.

Not all new content will be unlocked on all game worlds right away, however. Europe servers, as well as DE-101 and US-102 will have all the new content unlocked with the update. USA scenario servers need to restart, before the new content is unlocked. Classic servers will initially only receive the features of the new Plus Account – three of which immediately with the update. The detailed prestige overview will come once the game worlds are restarted.

The following overview provides you with more information about the most important features of the update.

Performance and bug fixing

Loading times will improve dramatically with Update 4.2.0. We looked at certain actions with the selection of multiple engines and also made opening certain screens or features smoother.

Bug fixing is also a big chunk of the update. We did a lot of work here to improve your gaming experience. A full list is available in the changelog section of the forum.


The user interface was enhanced in cooperation with players. It now looks more like the Classic version’s interface again. Development focused mainly on four different criteria: overview, readability, consistency and convenience. Here we made a big step forward and we’re continuing to work on further improvements.

Plus Account

The Plus Account has been supplemented with four new features. The often-requested feature to save schedules has finally made it into the game. Additionally, the Plus Account now includes a detailed prestige overview that players have been requesting for a long time. A servicing filter and a guaranteed bonus video for more rewards are also part of the package. With the update, the price of the Plus Account will be increased to 150 Gold. Until the end of October, however, the new Plus Account can still be bought for 100 Gold; this means you can try out the new features without additional costs.


Widgets are a powerful new tool in Rail Nation. In the form of lists, they can be placed on the screen individually, can be moved and scaled, and they allow many actions to be executed directly. Currently, there are four different widgets: association, engines, cities and competitions. More of these aids are already being planned.


The chat has been overhauled in Update 4.2.0 as well. It has been aligned with the HUD and improved with regard to layout and readability. The feature that allows for texts to be copied using a keyboard shortcut has also returned, following the requests of many players. The chat server connection has also improved.

You can find more information in our forum post.

We wish you lots of fun and travel safely!
The Rail Nation Team