A big update lies ahead!

Dear railway fans,

With ‘Steam over Europe‘, we introduced not only a new map last year, but a completely new game version for Rail Nation. As part of the modernisation process, all scenarios, including the mobile app were meant to be streamlined, both in appearance and technical structure. After release, we quickly noticed that further action was required and more improvements possible.

We therefore reviewed your feedback, sat down with players and initiated a further revision. The time has now come: the first big update for Rail Nation is ready! The update is already live on our test servers.

The update addresses your greatest concern: the new user interface. It has been completely overhauled. Plus, the update adds more technical features, such as widgets and a new Plus Account. The ‘Steam over Europe’ version provides the foundation for this revision, and this is why the classic servers won’t initially benefit from the full update. This picture shows you what game content will be released in which version.

All USA scenario servers will be updated to the newest version and hence also receive the new RTS (background calculation) and performance improvements. The switch will always take place when a game world next restarts. The approximate dates can be seen in the following table.

This update is a huge step in terms of game quality and stability. Our long-term goal is to have all scenarios streamlined both technically and visually, as this step will greatly simplify ongoing development and maintenance. Bug fixing and the introduction of new game content, for example, would be detached from the scenario and faster to implement. However, the classic servers will not change over before 2018.

We’ll discuss the content of the update in greater detail over the coming weeks. We wish you lots of fun and travel safely!

The Rail Nation Team