Tips & Tricks

Are you a new player needing some tips for the best start? Or a veteran who wants to optimise the best playstyle? Here you will find a series of short hints for the game.
Dear players, In Rail Nation, one thing matters most: Team spirit! In addition to the goal of building your railway empire, you soon realise that this is not very promising on its own. So you work together in associations, cities and, in the end, metropolises. A good strategy, clever agreements and friendly cooperation create a very special "WE" feeling that leads to success in the end - and much more importantly - constitutes the extraordinary charm and enjoyment of Rail Nation. I wish you all a lot of fun with Rail Nation! Bruno Hertlein - Game Designer


Join an established association. Not only will you gain great personal advantages, but you will also be provided with valuable tips from your fellow players. And the most important thing: together it is simply more fun!

Train Empire

Always expand the engine house on your station first, if possible. You can then own more trains and transport more goods, thus earning more income and prestige.

Connected in series

Use chain schedules (e.g. wood -> boards, boards -> town). This way you have fewer empty runs, earn more money and usually also more prestige.

Station control

Expand the restaurant, shopping centre and hotel early if you play in an active association. Your fellow players will regularly collect bonuses for you.

Spirit of research

Expand your laboratory at least so far that you can research the coupling of the respective eras. If you still have research points left at the end of an era, you can start researching new trains more quickly. A full account at the change of eras helps you to expand the engine house as quickly as possible.

Better overview

Create widgets. They allow you to keep an eye on the progress of all connected cities and collect the bonuses of your company members with just one click.

United in the endgame

After the 6th era, the endgame of the largest metropolises starts. Here it is important to play together as a team and listen to the announcements of experienced players. You can only be successful if everyone pulls together.

Make a career

Try to gain career achievements and cash them in directly. This not only increases your career level, but also gives you your very own career locomotive that you can keep improving.

Discovery tour

Once you are familiar with the game and have played a few rounds, take a look at all of Rail Nation’s scenarios. This ensures variety and even more fun.

Fresh challenges

As an experienced player, you should not miss out on the special event servers. At Platform X, for example, you can always discover new game mechanics.