The struggle for the European top!

Regional strategy

Ten Regions – One Winner!

Ten regions are fighting for victory in Europe. Your city is part of a region where you try to earn points. If you deliver goods to the city and landmark, you’ll collect points for your region as well as yourself of course!
Organise cooperation between the cities, deliver goods and passengers to the landmarks, and secure victory for yourself and your region!

This is how you score points for the regional ranking

  • Upgrade all the cities in your region
  • Upgrade all the landmarks in your region
  • Collect prestige and become one of the 100 best players in the region

regional strategy

This is how your region scores in the endgame

  • Deliver complete endgame goods
  • Gain a good position in the megacity ranking for all the megacities in your region

By using clever tactics, you can bring more than one city in your region into the top 10. The ten best cities in Europe will take part in the endgame. If a region did not manage to bring one of their cities into the top 10, their highest ranked city will join the endgame.
So for the first time ever there can be more than ten cities in the endgame!

The most awesome prestige bonus in the history of Rail Nation awaits the industrious suppliers of the winning region.

Power up your engines now and enter the brand new Steam over Europe scenario!