President wanted – are you ready to step up?

President wanted in Rail nation

Playing politics – what’s that all about?

Are you fed up with big claims and broken election promises? Now you can do better!

In Steam over Europe you yourself can become president. Each region needs someone to hold everyone together and prepare a common strategy. Only this way will your region be able to secure a top position in the battle for Europe.

Devising a common strategy and coordinating individual players has always been a key part of Rail Nation. This will work even more smoothly now that we have introduced the president.

Vote and be voted

The president is chosen by all the players belonging to a region. Once you have opted for a candidate, they will have your vote until you find a different favourite. You can always change your choice of candidate. The votes are counted once a day. The candidate who comes out on top will be voted in.

You can stand for the presidency and the cabinet yourself. Simply open the politics screen by clicking on the portrait. Then click on candidacy under vote president. Make the most of the 128 characters available to get your clever slogan or message across, and that’s all there is to it. Your chances of being elected increase of course if you’re known for being a skilled player and diplomat in your city and region.

A day in the life of the president

Once elected, you can make important decisions for your region:

Support a city

Each region has five cities. As president, you can reduce the consumption of one of these cities by 10 percent. This makes it much easier to level up. But watch out! Voters in each city want this advantage for themselves!

Support a landmark

Landmarks don’t have consumption, so their support is felt directly by wallets: the supported landmark provides delivery premiums that are a whopping 20 percent higher. The same is also true here: those who weigh up the cities’ interests the best will stay in office longer.

Imports and exports

Harbours and ships ensure there’s a balance of goods between regions. Those who are adept at importing and exporting will be able to secure some big advantages in delivery quantities and transport rankings.

Appoint cabinet

The president selects up to ten fellow players to help out. These players are able to do everything the president can, except for appointing cabinet members of course. The cabinet members are also a great way of getting voters from competing cities and associations to rally behind the president.

To Europe!

You will have the best chance of being elected president if you soon establish yourself in the game and take advantage of your wealth of experience in Steam over Europe.

So, all aboard! Steam over Europe is waiting for you!