Monday November 14th, 2016

What’s more for the career?

Dear railway fans,

We are so close to the release of the Rail Nation career, so it’s about time we take a look at more features. We’ll also look at which data from previous game rounds will be taken on board and which were turned away at the final switch.

Does every player start at the same career level?

Not exactly. With the introduction of the career, some past successes will be transferred and the achievements unlocked right away. This includes achieved single player ranks and ranks achieved with your association. Additionally, the amount of stars you collected in the game will be taken into account. Afterwards, the stars will become redundant for the ranking and shall be replaced by the career level in the game. These unlocked achievements will help you gain the first couple of levels, depending on how successfully you’ve played so far.



A range of new rankings will come to the game with the career. Besides the career points and prestige from completed rounds (since career launch), you can now also find rankings for track construction, redeeming medals, participation in competitions or connecting to cities. You can also check which player or association has won the most game rounds. These rankings will be filled with data from the start of the career, meaning all players have a fair chance of coming out on top.

The existing eternal prestige ranking will be locked and archived at the start of the career. You can still view it via a link in the career.


Round winners:

From now on, the round winners will be celebrated in a section of their own, with the details being saved for each round. Besides single players and associations, the best cities, regions and landmarks are now also highlighted. The new ranking gives you a good reason to show off your team’s skills.

We wish you lots of fun!
The Rail Nation Team


  • Jenna Hanks says:

    I don’t mind the changes too much except now you can’t log in…so we already have more bugs to fix….my opinion should’ve launched before the round began or after not in the middle. I am now missing my round on comps. thanks

  • Sepiola says:

    No one knows what any of this means? There is a top player on my server with a gold ring, gold wings and a gold star. . . And another guy who is level 4 with the same stuff. How do I tell a strong player from someone that plays in a lot of games? Can we keep the stars?

  • Duggins says:

    A lot of People have been trying so hard under the old ranking system to achieve these stars which are now washed out, Like it didn`t even mater. Some member whom had 2 stars which kinda let known that they have some experience in this game, now are at level 1. Does not seem fair at all, You may loose alot of players for this indeed.

    • Tomson says:

      Hi Duggins, these players obviously didn’t redeem their rewards yet. The stars are converted into achievements, so they will climb on a higher level once they use the career.

  • Bart de Haan says:

    leuk idee maar volgens mij werkt het nog meer bugs op op de al zovele die er zijn.Of ik of wij allen daar zo blij mee moeten zijn ik weet het niet ik in iedergeval niet echt.

  • psoLAN says:

    absolutly perfect. We all fought for those stars… but this seems a real reward with skills and career!! I’v been playin for years… now will play lot longer!!!

  • Redwing924 says:

    Don’t like the part that you can no longer see right of the bat who has won a round. It all just gets blended into the their number.

  • Peter=Paul says:

    old ranking system was better
    no respect that al ranking system is termianted

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