Next stop: Career

Dear railway fans,

A short time ago we published two mysterious screenshots regarding new game content. If you were wondering what these were all about, here comes the answer: we’re happy to introduce the Rail Nation career!

What does the career involve?

The first two screenshots already included some of the new content: achievements and a list of records. But new statistics aren’t the only addition. The career is a dedicated lobby for all hard-working railway fans, with an integrated level system and information about your avatars, cities and the game worlds.

You haven’t seen it yet? You can find the screenshots here!


The start page:

This is your first stop when entering the game. The start page provides you with the most important information regarding your account and game worlds. For example, you can check the progress of your career level, see how many days are left before the era change or view your completed achievements. Additionally you can see your rank on the different servers and continue playing your last game with just one click. This overview can be seen by other players too.


In contrast to the in-game medals, career achievements count across the various servers. Many different achievements are available in the categories game events, round results, association and personal. Achievements earn you career points and increase your level, which is displayed for all other players in the career and game. This way, you can show the community how experienced a conductor you really are.


Experienced conductors should take a look at the records section. Here, extraordinary success in the categories prestige, game, cities or home city is recorded. You can also filter for the different scenarios. Records can be set by players, associations, cities or even whole servers. So if you’re looking for a true challenge for you and your team, this is where to find it. You’ll be rewarded with a placement in this global list.


Game worlds:

In the game world menu, you can find all the servers you are currently active on and you can add more as well. There’s also detailed information about the game worlds available, for example the current top 3 players, associations, cities, regions or landmarks. The tab showing completed game rounds provides you with all the important details relating to your past games and lets you get a clear picture of your own progress.

Next week, we’ll look at what else the career has to offer.

Have fun and keep travelling safely,
The Rail Nation Team