Update 6.6.2: Product Care 3

We are happy to introduce you to the content of our upcoming “Product Care 3” update, which forms part of our efforts to continuously improve Rail Nation. The philosophy behind “Product Care” is summarised by its name: caring for your game. In each of these updates, you will find changes and improvements to some of the most used features as well as many bug fixes that our team is focused on.

The highlights of this version include mobile ergonomics improvements, many bug fixes, the introduction of “Premium Surveys” (find out all the details about these here) and a change to the naming and display of your gameworlds in the lobby.


To avoid confusion between gameworlds (such as English and international gameworlds) and to meet language expectations when choosing a gameworld, as well as facilitate understanding of the Gold transfer rules, we have decided to switch “Regions” to “Languages” in the gameworld selection of your lobby: “Germany” will now be “German”, “France” will be “French” etc. What’s more, the suffixes of gameworlds displayed on the server “tiles” will be modified accordingly:

  • COM becomes EN (for English) – and the UN flag is replaced by the UK flag
  • M becomes INT (for International – all languages supported)
  • M1 becomes N (for Nordics – Scandinavian languages and English supported)
  • M4 becomes EE (for Eastern Europe – Czech, Polish, Romanian, Ukrainian and English supported)


We understand that you may be confused at first by this change, especially those with years of experience in the previous naming convention. However, we believe that the change will bring greater clarity to the Gold transfer rules between servers and which language(s) to expect on each server.

Please note that you may see inconsistencies between the actual server URL (in the address bar if you play on the browser) and the names used on the gameworlds “tiles” and descriptions. Remember that we will refer to the gameworlds’ names and numbers on their tiles.


Below you will find the detailed changelog in the corresponding tabs.

  • (LOBBY) In order to make all gameworlds easily identifiable, as explained in the update's highlights, gameworld abbreviations have been changed, and the "Regional" menu has been switched to the "Language" menu (e.g. M501 is now INT501; Deutschland is now Deutsch).
  • (MOBILE) The HUD has been improved and redesigned, with a button-like design for all upper and bottom-deck menus.
  • (SHOP) The shop's indicator behaviour has been reworked. Now a number will be displayed instead of an "!" (exclamation mark) based on how many events are available in your shop (these could be a login bonus to collect, an active sale or Premium Survey(s) available). A tool-tip has also been added that details the active events, and the sale indicator will only be displayed once per sale from now on.
  • (TUTORIAL) An indication has been added to the tutorial flow between short-term and longer-term tasks to facilitate the onboarding of new players and help them go further in the tutorial without feeling "stuck".
  • (ASSOCIATION) After joining an association, the "View Association" button is now highlighted instead of the closing dialogue button.
  • (SCHEDULE) When missing waggons for a specific schedule, the information will be displayed as a hint and not as an error -- which could be confusing as it seemed something could be wrong with the train.
  • (TUTORIAL) The task summary has been made more visible in the tutorial screen.
  • (MOBILE) (REGISTRATION) The registration screen for "instant accounts" (accounts generated without confirmation of double opt-in) has been modified to display all benefits from registering an account with a valid email address.
  • (MOBILE) (TECH TREE): A description to the upgrades has been added so the level of information matches that of the browser.
  • (SHOP) The presentation of the legendary offer has been reworked to be clearer for first-time users.
  • (WIDGETS) It is now possible to activate widgets in manual schedule mode -- it is introduced as "on" by default but can be toggled off (only available in browser and tablet).
  • (MAINTENANCE) (BANNER) The maintenance banner will remain displayed when activated for its entire duration to keep important information visible. Until now, many in-game actions would result in removing the banner, thereby preventing players from reading potentially important messages.
  • (WELCOME SCREEN) The information pop-up for the daily login bonus, which would be displayed after opening the welcome screen for the first time, has been removed as it didn't seem relevant.
  • (ASSOCIATION) In the screen for recruiting players, the filter for hiding "inactive" players is implemented as "off" by default. Turning it "on" allows you to look for possible recruits strictly among active players within the last three days.
  • (SHOP) The "Starter Package" is now available up until 600 prestige points (previously: 599 points).
  • RN-8022 (SHOP) (SALE) The time displayed for the duration of sales was not accurate and had to be corrected.
  • RN-2060 (EVENT) (WINTER) In certain cases, wrong icons would be displayed from what was actually requested.
  • RN-8187 (EVENT) (WINTER) The wrong currency amount was sometimes displayed.
  • RN-2042 (SHOP) (BONUS ENGINE) Sometimes, although the player had won the bonus engine, it would still be displayed among the shop offers and could not be purchased. This issue has been fixed.
  • RN-2030 (CHAT) Fixed an issue that allowed players to scroll down past the last message posted into an "empty chat".
  • RN-4557 (TECH TREE) Some missing descriptions for acceleration and reliability were added on the trains and upgrade tech tree.
  • RN-4625 (SOUND) Fixed an issue that wouldn't save your sound preference and would result in it turning back on with every refresh.
  • RN-4726 (TRAINS) (MUSEUM) Fixed an inconsistency when double clicking trains in the train list and/or museum. Now double clicking one train should select all trains of the same type.
  • RN-4793 (MOBILE) (IOS) (SUPPORT) Added missing graphics on the support screen.
  • RN-5281 (MOBILE) (TRAIN LIST) Removed the message "Upgrades available: 0" when the only upgradable train(s) was (were) in the museum.
  • RN-4851 (MAP) (TRAINS) Fixed an issue that would prevent waggons from "disappearing" after a passenger train would reach its destination.
  • RN-4530 (TRAINS) (BUY) It was possible to browse back to the Pollux train in the train buy list; since the Pollux isn't purchasable and can only be acquired from videos, it has been removed from this menu.
  • RN-4826 (TRAINS) (LIST) (MUSEUM) Fixed an error that prevented the sorting option in the trains list to actually sort the list.
  • RN-5136 (MOBILE) (PORTRAIT) (LANDMARK) Fixed overlapping text in the passenger information displayed in landmarks.
  • RN-3506 (ASSOCIATION) (RANKING) It was possible for a player without an association (or for a simple member, and not the chair) to open countless screens of the same association from the ranking menu. The issue was fixed as only one screen of the same association should be displayed at one time for the same user.
  • RN-3645 (LANDMARK) (HELP) Fixed pagination in the landmark help sub-menu.
  • RN-3779 (TRAINS) (BUY) Fixed some inconsistencies in the tech tree's arrows/connections between the Hydra and Olympus engines.
  • RN-4831 (ASSOCIATION) (JOIN) (UI) Modified the term "apply" to "join" in the "join an association" pop-up for consistency.