Introducing: Premium Surveys

At Rail Nation, we always try to incorporate ideas, suggestions or requests from you, the players. Sometimes these changes and additions are implemented just as they were suggested. Other times, when we have been presented with an idea or a situation to modify, we devise the most comprehensive and efficient way to make it happen in the game. The premium surveys are one of those additions that we put together based on a recurring question or demand, which can be summarised as: How can I get free Gold?

Well, if you think you might ask this question yourself, the following few lines will probably interest you…


What are premium surveys?

In short, surveys are carried out when a company wants to obtain information on a product it is working on to make improvements, or perhaps by public administrations that would like to review past or future decisions. In our case, the surveys are called “premium”, meaning they involve a reward for the participants who have answered a set of questions.

That’s pretty much it! More specifically, we have integrated a partner who provides surveys for many customers (surveys unrelated to Rail Nation). In exchange for you, the players who answer these surveys, you will be rewarded with Gold for your participation.


How does this work?

Every day, you can participate in up to 5* surveys provided by external partners. For each completed survey, you will get free Gold for your gameworld, depending on the length of the survey and the value of the information in your answers.

Initially, you will need to answer a few socio-demographic questions to create a basic profile when you use the feature for the first time. With this profile, you’ll get recommended surveys that you can choose from and suit your situation. Depending on the survey, market researchers may seek a specific target group. For instance, the survey could ask you to mention your age and stop after your first answer as you may not belong to the target group they have defined. If you don’t qualify for a survey, don’t worry, you’ll get others! Since the answers for all survey responses have to be validated by the feature before you receive the free Gold (this can take up to a few minutes), it is essential that you try and always answer the questions in good faith. For example, if you answer in your first survey that you’re a 25-year-old male and in your second survey that you’re a 43-year-old female, the data will be checked against each other, and you’ll be disqualified after validation. Unfortunately, this means you won’t get your reward.

After the update, you’ll find the premium surveys in the shop in your gameworld.

While this is an attractive prospect that can boost your game progress, the daily limit and payout amount are also intended to not result in any unbalances.


Safety and data protection

Your personal data is important and you need to always be careful and responsible in what private/personal information you are willing to share with others – and this also applies to the premium surveys partner. Decide what you are willing to share and what you are not willing to share: you should be the decision maker in this regard, and no one else. Please be assured that the data you enter in the premium surveys will never be accessible to us at Rail Nation. We will only know if you participated in surveys in general (to ensure you have been appropriately rewarded), but the content of your answers will not be visible to us. We invite you to become acquainted with the privacy policy of our partner at


So, don’t hesitate. It’s free and can help you boost your game progress or get a little help to ascend the rankings!

As always, if you have any questions, our team will gladly answer them live on our Discord server and via support ticket. Support tickets are the best channel if you encounter an error or face an issue in the game that requires the intervention of a technician or customer service representative from the Rail Nation Team.


For the full changelog of the update that introduces the premium surveys, head over to:


Your Rail Nation Team

*As the number of available surveys depends on our external partners, we cannot guarantee that you’ll be able to participate in all five surveys every day.