Thursday April 12th, 2018

Update 4.6.0 is ready!

Dear railroaders,

Update 4.6.0 has already been installed on the first four servers. So, it’s about time we took a closer look at the content, because the package contains a lot of exciting new features!


They are willing to wait for hours for the perfect train shot. Their camera is always on hand to snap at the right moment! Right, we are talking about trainspotters. They have even made it into the game.

25 different train enthusiasts want to get your trains in front of their lenses. When collecting them, you will be rewarded with a small amount of in-game money. If you manage to complete a full album, there’s an even bigger bonus: Gold, engine vouchers or maybe even a bonus engine! If you don’t pick up the bonus engine on your first attempt, you can also try to fill more photo albums.

It’s always worth looking for trainspotters. Some of them are common, others are rare and highly coveted! In combination with this feature, we’re introducing matching medals, achievements and records to the game.

Centred window

We already announced this feature a while ago and now the time has come! Instead of the left-aligned menu, centred windows are returning to the game. Once again, we tackled one of the biggest points of criticism regarding the new client and improved it at your request!

Of course, the screens were not simply recreated or copied from the Classic client; instead, we made them tidier and easier to use! Now you have all the important information and features ready at a glance.

In Update 4.6.0, we’re introducing the first five centred windows:

  • City info with all associated windows, such as for passengers or mayors
  • Megacity info
  • Factory info
  • Warehouses and harbours
  • Landmarks

But that’s just the beginning! Additional centred windows will follow in later updates.

Dynamic mini map

Some players requested this change and we liked it so much that we gladly included it in this update: the mini map has become a dynamic widget. From now on, you can move and scale it anywhere on screen.


Update 4.6.0 also brings new workers from all societies out there. In the first and second era, these workers include Paul Camille of Denis, one of the leading railway engineers of the 18th century. If he is available for auction, it is definitely worth emptying your pockets to bag him, because with his support, you receive a discount of 25% on all wagons!

How do you like the content in Update 4.6.0? Let us know in the comments.

We wish you safe travels!
The Rail Nation Team


  • JohnMcAniff says:

    Ever since U did the last update, there have been more problems with Big Ben. 2 days ago it took me over 7 hrs to log in, & tonight, I have been trying to log in since 7PM. When U click on the login, a small screem appears with only room to enter your email adddress & password. There is no login box. It is now after 10pm & I still cannot login.

    • Samisu says:

      Hello John,

      I’m sorry to hear of the login issues. If I understood correctly, you can write your email and pw as usual, but then the login button is missing?
      I would suggest you to take a screen capture of your login screen and then send it to game support with the issue description.
      Support can be found here: and I’m sure they can be of help.

  • William says:

    Is there maintenance at the minute,I can’t log in

  • Mart says:

    I like the new lay out etc, but it’s seriously pissing me off that it won’t let me log in. Can’t wait for when the system is running smoothly,

    • Tomson says:

      Hi Mart, unfortunately we had company-wide performance issues shortly after the update. This was caused by our provider and I can assure you that version 4.6.0 is running smoothly.

  • Pend73 says:

    Again internal error :(, it was not before this update, it is after every logging now.

    • Tomson says:

      Hi Pend73, unfortunately we had company-wide performance issues shortly after the update, caused by our provider. The issue was fixed and the game is running smoothly now.

      • BWizard453 says:

        No, no it isn’t running smoothly. I am continuously getting INTERNAL ERROR_ID 100, 101, and 106 constantly. the redeem lottery tickets don’t populate unless you click on buy lottery ticket (East v West Games Golden Gate and Grand Central). Train schedules updating cause browser lockups, joining a competition locks the browser up or you don’t see other players until they have completed the competition. I’ve already cleared cache and cookies, restarted browsers and all the other jazz that someone in support would say to do to triage the issue.

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