Tuesday April 17th, 2018

Now this is where you come in!

Dear players,

Now this is where you come in! We’d like you to tell us which game content in Rail Nation you are sorely missing or what features you have always wished  to have in the game. This won’t just be another simple survey!

We’ll evaluate the ideas proposed in all languages and then pick five suggestions that all Rail Nation players can then vote for. The most popular feature will then go into development right after the end of the poll. The necessary work involved will ultimately determine when the feature can be expected.

How can I submit my idea?

Write your post here until 22.04.2018, using the template described below and tell us what feature you’d like to see. Please also provide us with a draft ‘design’ of the feature. This doesn’t mean you need to describe the feature with detailed formulas, but please give us some details. You can take the following example as a guide:

Title: A worker offering a discount on buying waggons.

Scenario: All

– Worker providing a 25% discount when buying waggons
– Useful especially in the later eras and just before the endgame
– Name suggestion: Paul Camille von Denis (leading railway engineer in the 18th century)

Image (optional): Drafts or similar can be attached here.

Please stick to this template with 3-4 bullet points. When we evaluate all the ideas later, we will only consider those matching this template structure.


Is there anything else to bear in mind?

We encourage you to propose well thought-out ideas that really get you excited. For this reason, we will limit the survey to one idea per player.

Every suggestion will be passed on to our game designers and evaluated. We reserve the option to edit or combine ideas. So even if your idea doesn’t make it to the final poll, your work will not have been in vain.

We know some of you would prefer us to focus on fixing bugs instead. We want to assure you that while developing new features for the game, we don’t ignore existing in-game bugs. Rail Nation thrives off the continuous development of the game and we’d like to get you involved and let you have your say in the development process with this event! We’d be really happy to get in touch with the player who proposes the winning idea for a possible concept phase.

We’re looking forward to lots of creative ideas!
The Rail Nation Team


  • DeezWorks says:

    understanding this is Late:

    Title: Freebies when sitting.

    Scenerios: All

    Description: What is your Sitter Able to do ?
    Allowing sitter to use Free Instant Upgrades, Free vouchers aka: mechanic, boost, instant dispatch, from lotto tickets and daily login’s: NOT TO USE GOLD. just / only the Free Vouchers. would be Great that Sitters could access those.

  • TrainSoffi says:

    Can all the train colours be accessible?

    • Samisu says:

      Hi TrainSoffi,

      I hope I got your question right ^^

      All engines can be accessed by researching them during the game round, and all production series can be bough or coupons won during any game round you are playing. The production series (different looks and colours) you’ve opened will always be accessible round after round.

    • Torben Pedersen says:

      I would really like, to colormark my own. Trains. Wauw, that would be neet!

  • TrainSoffi says:

    Can all trains be available?

  • Tearmaker says:

    How do we find if our idea was chosen ?

    • Samisu says:

      Hi Tearmaker!

      There will be an announcement on forum and perhaps here in blog or in Facebook. I’m afraid I don’t have the dates yet, but let’s give our developers some time to go through the ideas and get back to the topic on a later date ^^


      • Tearmaker says:

        I am a software developer also, so i understand. I don’t want to push the announcement 🙂 I know that the “BA team” will analyze the proposal. All i want to know is the way that the “winner” will be known 🙂

        • Samisu says:

          Quote from forum: ‘We’ll evaluate the ideas proposed in all languages and then pick five suggestions that all Rail Nation players can then vote for. The most popular feature will then go into development right after the end of the poll.’

          So the voting will run at least on the forum, and probably also in Facebook. Then all votes will be collected together globally and a winner feature will be announced at least on Forum and probably also in Facebook and Blog.

  • Thom says:

    Title : cooperation accounting and sanctions
    Scenario : all
    Description :

    It is very difficult currently for chairs/deputys to track how effectively everyone is contributing to the association’s success. More clarity on this will provide greater trust between the players in the association. And introducing some possibility of sanctions will give the leadership more flexibility in negotiations with a player who is developing a non-cooperative approach.

    A1. worker bid tracking
    – all worker bids(both successful and unsuccessful) of every player in the association will be recorded
    – a report will be available giving both sums of each players bids; the report table to be sortable and filterable by era; image

    A2. integration tracking
    – a watch can be set on up to 3 factorys, and integration statistics there will be kept for each player individually
    – a report table showing integration tonnages and/or integration percentage for each player to be available showing 1day, 3day and 7day rolling averages.

    S1. prestige sanction
    – the association chair can select player(s) to which the sanction will be applied – perhaps some failure criteria against A1 or A2 is required
    – up to 10%, in 1% increments, of the player’s daily prestige can be deducted
    – association prestige points will be unaffected.

  • Tearmaker says:

    Question: If i post an idea here it will remain visible or it will be hidden after a while ?
    I ask this because i don’t want to repost the same idea several time, thinking it was lost…

  • Olimpiu Romeo Magda says:

    Title: A voucher improving one station building efficiency
    Name: Efficiency voucher
    Scenario: All
    – Voucher providing 25% more efficiency to one(and only one) station building at player choice
    – Obtained in competitions, at the lottery by using a lottery ticket or as a special daily prize
    – Usage: Player will have the option to use the voucher on one and only one station building at a time. Player can have more than one voucher at a time but only one can be used and active. Player has the option to cancel an active voucher in order to activate another one. The cancelled voucher is lost.
    – Effect:
    – Construction Yard: Reduces the construction time of new building with 25% for 24 hours (25% of remaining time after applying construction yard effect)
    – Laboratory: Increases the production of research points by 25%, can stack with the researcher for 24 hours
    – Bank: Increases all train revenues (for delivering goods or passengers) with 10% for 24 hours
    – Station Concourse
    – for scenarios having passenger trains: Increases passenger capacity of all passenger trains with 15% for 24 hours
    – for scenarios not having passenger trains: Increases each train speed by 5 km/h for 24 hours
    – Hotel: Reduces the time for generating a bonus to 120 minutes for 24 hours
    – Shopping Centre: Reduces the time for generating a bonus to 240 minutes for 24 hours
    – Restaurant: Reduces the time for generating a bonus to 60 minutes for 24 hours
    – Track Production: Reduces the duration of laying each new track on map with 40% for 24 hours
    – Engine House: Reduces maintenance cost for all trains by 25% for 24 hours
    – Licence Trade: After successful bid the player will receive back 50% of the amount paid for the license for 24 hours. For licence reservation with gold nothing will happen.

    • Olimpiu Romeo Magda says:

      One remark about my idea: The numbers in my proposal are just a rough estimation, an analysis should be done for fine tuning of the values in order to have a good balance of bonuses. Even the effects can be changed if there are better options.

  • Flying Dutchman says:

    Change of the weight of the results of the endgame

    The total amount of prestige to be scored in the endgame is much to high considering the playing length of the game.
    12 weeks of intense play and good results (playing in top 50, team in top 10) can completely be denied by results scored in the endgame by other players who were just passing by in the major cities.
    This is very disturbing for serious players

    • Polarbear says:

      I agree on that Flying Dutchman. It’s not fair to put the scoring weight for 1/3 or so on the 2 a 3 days endgame where you have been working together with yours and other teams for 12 weeks to get your city to become a megacity. You time, effort and some of us gold to get there and then you loose 50 or more places because you can’t be online for 24 hrs 3 days in a row. This should change.

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