Rail Nation Masters: The final spurt is now underway!

Today, we’re wrapping up with the last interim report on Rail Nation Masters, because the server has already commenced the sixth era. So now is the time to give it our all!

Wishington dropped back to fifth place after a series of top rankings and was unable to defend first place for the third time with only level 35. First place is now occupied by Blueville – the only city with level 37 and which ranked second last era. Petertown has sought to relive old successes and has snatched second place. But they are not the only ones fighting! Holdsworth ranks fourth with the best placement of the game round. After holding eighth place in the second era, the city temporarily disappeared from the scene.

Rocksdale, Courtville, Oakhill and Sleighton defended their ranks with relative consistency. But with Bolcott, we also welcome a new arrival in the top ten of the city ranking this week. Cities are slowly taking precautions for the endgame and a promising fight between the metropolises lies ahead!

In terms of the association ranking, ELPIDA™ not only defended their first place, but also continued to expand their lead. The association is distinguished by its success in competitions! Four members are ranked among the top 20 in the competition ranking. In the case of Пожарные Мульты, on the other hand, many players gained their prestige by expanding their station early. But other players will also earn those points during the final era. Let’s see if Пожарные Мульты can defend second place.

THE PLAYERS seem to have recovered. They took third place in era six. This is probably due to their successful participation in competitions, since THE PLAYERS are represented six times in the top 20 rankings for competitions. In contrast, Sweetground achieved the lowest result of the game round with fourth place, although fourth place is still far from lacking.

Karfagen™ follows in fifth place. They appear to feel very comfortable there, since they have managed to keep their rank in every era. Finally, we welcome a new association at the end of the top-ten list. With Queen, another group from Petertown has prevailed. The city is thus represented by three associations within the top ten. Мишки на Севере, the newcomers from last week, also managed to stay in the top ten, whereas Dream Steam dropped to rank 13.

Important notice: rompec has NOT switched associations this week! After joining his fourth association last week, he seems to have settled in his place in ELPIDA™.

The single-player ranking has remained very stable among the top positions since last era. Tenth place has been snapped up by a new face: MenXX from ABC. Bill Boo from Sweetground has slipped down to rank 13. Further down in the top 20, we find more new arrivals eager to take the lead.

Sweetground holds six places in the top 20 at the start of era six, followed by Пожарные Мульты with four members. ELPIDA™ and THE PLAYERS are represented by three players each, and Karfagen™ by two. The remaining two places go to Deluxe Pickup and ABC.

We are looking forward to the endgame – it looks like it will be a promising competition! It’s time to fully commit and get ready for the final sprint!