Rail Nation Masters: Sparks are flying now!

It’s time to polish the electric locomotives, because after leaving the steam engines behind, the diesel era is now also drawing to a close! Rail Nation Masters entered the fifth era on Monday.

For the first time in this round, we see a city ranking at the end of the era, where no city has reached the maximum level. Nevertheless, Wishington was able to defend its place at the top and reached level 30 as one of two cities to do so. The other one is Blueville. Still ranked 10th last week, they pulled out all the stops and reached second place.

In third place, Rocksdale follows at level 29 – one place behind last week’s result. Oakhill, Petertown and Liberty also made it to level 29. Courtville – last week in bronze place – is only able to start the fifth era from 7th place and level 28. In 9th place, we have a newcomer in the top ten with Sleighton. They’re followed by Oxbury, a returner who also only made it into the top ten in the first era. Welcome back!

Let’s have a look at the association ranking. There has been a lot of action here! The railroaders of ELPIDA ™, a well-known team in the top ten, not only shot ahead of Sweetground, but also Пожарные Мульты. After a steep climb, they reached the top of the rankings. THE PLAYERS defended their fourth place but continue to be affected by fluctuations.

There is also a new association in the top ten this week. Мишки на Севере took 9th place. The players from New Adventure, on the other hand, were unable to keep last week’s spot. However, they didn’t slip too far at 12th place.

For the single-player ranking, there is a lot to report this time as well! We already reported twice that rompec changed his association. He has done so once again, making it a popular trend to change associations. While he was still a member of Sweetground last week, he now drives for the leading team ELPIDA ™. He ranks third in the ranking. ELPIDA ™ is thus ranked 3rd to 5th, as Hear Me Roar made a good jump from 8th to 4th place. We welcome a new face at rank 9. Ravogt from BV Express GER has kicked C P from Sweetground out of the top ten. Let’s see if he can hold this place.

We are curious to see what surprises the fifth era will bring!