Thursday January 3rd, 2019

Rail Nation Birthday Festival

Dear players,

Another year has come to an end and Rail Nation will soon be celebrating its sixth birthday. We have spent a while thinking about how we should celebrate. Balloons? A cake? Maybe paper streamers?

We ultimately decided to organise something for you all instead: the Rail Nation Birthday Festival!

To celebrate our birthday, we will provide you with an extraordinary game experience by opening special festival servers (Classic Express) that will work a little differently to what you’re used to:

It will not be possible to buy Gold on these servers!

Increase your Gold ten-fold!

Each participant of the Birthday Festival will receive 20,000 Gold on the server. To take part, you need to sign up beforehand for 2,000 Gold. When the server starts, each player will then be credited with 10,000 Gold and a further 2,000 Gold for each subsequent era. So in effect, the Gold you spend on registering will increase ten-fold!

No one will be able to create an extra advantage for themselves. Everyone will play according to the same conditions!

We are excited to see who can spend this Gold in the most effective, creative or successful way. Who will find the best way to victory with this limited Gold and what will those of you who have other goals do?

Here in the forum, you can tell us what your strategy will be.

How will it all work?


To take part in the Birthday Festival, you will need to register for an entry fee of 2,000 Gold. You can either pay the entry fee directly with any Gold you already have or you can buy the 2,000 Gold from the shop. In order to make it as easy as possible for you to enter, a dedicated Gold package will be available during the admission phase which will contain precisely the 2,000 Gold you need. This package will become available from 8 January (during the day).


If you sign up with your friends, we obviously don’t want you to accidentally land on different servers – in case several festival servers are launched. That’s why you can choose a certain group when you sign up. It doesn’t matter which group you choose, as long as you are all in the same group as your friends. If you still register for the wrong group by mistake, no worries: that can be changed, provided that the chosen group is not already full.
We will then distribute the groups across the different servers required, depending on the number of participants.


You can register between 8 January 2019, 2 pm (CET), and 22 January 2019, 11.59 pm (CET), for the Rail Nation Birthday Festival. And a week later, it kicks off for everyone on 29 January 2019. This week-long gap gives us the chance to set up the necessary servers.

To prevent any problems with overburdened servers at the start of the festival, not all players will start the game at the same time. The login times will be staggered in 15-minute intervals, each with 250 players, and those of you who sign up for the Birthday Festival the earliest will also be able to start the earliest. So, if you’d like a few minutes’ head start, register as soon as possible!

Please note that the group you choose is NOT relevant, but only your own registration time.

Modified features

Festival servers have a few special features that set them apart from normal servers. Besides purchasing Gold, Gold transfers (in both directions), normal pre-registration, Gold rush, the super starter package, inviting friends, the tutorial and redeeming bonus codes are all deactivated on the festival servers.


Let’s summarise everything:

  • Increase your Gold ten-fold from 2,000 to 20,000
  • Receive 10,000 Gold when you start and 2,000 Gold for each subsequent era
  • Play with friends by signing up together in the same group
  • Pre-registration from 8 to 22 January
  • The festival starts on 29 January
  • Classic Express scenario
  • Various features are deactivated
  • International servers with players from around the world
  • Early registration means an early start
  • Have fun!



How many servers will there be?

This depends on the total number of participants – we’ll announce this at the end of the pre-registration phase.

What are the groups for exactly?

The groups allow you to play together with your friends even if multiple servers are launched. If you’re in the same group, you’ll definitely start on the same festival server.

How many players will fit in each group?

150 players can sign up for each group, which means that even really large groups of friends can fit in a group and that groups can be easily assigned to the servers.

How many players will play on a festival server?

In case of multiple servers, the maximum number of players will be 2,000 to 2,500 players per server. Lower numbers are also possible, however, in order to ensure an even distribution of players over the necessary servers.

Can I transfer the Gold and other content (Plus Account) I receive on the festival server to other servers?

No, that’s not possible. The Gold is only intended for this server and Plus Account days cannot be transferred.

Are the festival servers divided according to language?

No, the festival servers will generally be accessible internationally.




  • TAnderson says:

    Hi samisu,
    you talked about career achievments unique for this server. What kind of achievements are this and how do you get them?

    • Samisu says:

      Hi TAnderson 🙂

      The career achievements will be for top players, top associations and for top cities.

      For single players, to be in Top 1,000 is the first achievement. For associations, be in the top 100 and you get the first achievement. For cities, the top achievements will be higher and harder to achieve 😉

  • Alan says:

    Re Vic Smeal’s Comment “Hmmm- this totally leaves out those of us who don’t have the resources to buy gold in the shop or, who have resources the shop accepts but, live in an unacceptable country- like the USA. it certainly is discriminatory by not truly being open to all!”

    If you have been playing the game a while then you will have played the ‘Winter Market’ in December last year (A free add on in the game (hence no real cost financially) ) 2000 gold was more than readily obtainable from that with a little dedication and a smattering of Math. Hence this Festival round (to some at least) is free Thank You RN. I do understand though your View Point on Shop purchases, That falls apart on some servers for the UK Also sadly making the game very challenging to say the least in some rounds 🙁 . Being a Fool this end (Me that is) that’s a new Challenge excepted though just more work involved…

  • lauri says:

    Im unhappy how this event was promoted.
    I got invitation, where was written
    Here are the most important details:

    International server
    New game mode:
    – No additional Gold purchases
    – Same starting conditions for all players
    Buy an access ticket and multiply your Gold by 10
    Receive 10,000 Gold when the server starts and 2,000 Gold for each subsequent era
    Register on any available game world
    Registration is possible with any Gold in your account

    I thought its something for dedicated players to earn gold or something. Or whatever, yes, i didnt click open “for more detailed information” button, so technically its my own fault.
    But its misleading advertising to take away gold, so you can take that server and the whole game and eat it with the icecream, im going to quit after Endgame.

  • Tom says:

    Hello, I haven’t see any answers regarding prizes on this bday festival server. Are there going to be prizes or is it just for the prestige of seeing how you can do on a level playing field? Also, will there be trainspotters on this server since it’s a classic express?

    • Samisu says:

      Hi Tom 🙂

      There are no other prizes than Career achievements unique to this server. You will find trainspotters just as on any other server 🙂

      This server is all about testing your skills and strategy against other highly motivated players 😉


  • Anytime says:

    Can we buy the ticket even when we are not play any server at moment?

    • Samisu says:

      Hi Anytime o/

      You need to join a game world (any game world), and you will find an icon in the top right corner for Festival server. Click on the icon and you can pick a group and get a ticket to the Festival server. I’m afraid there’s no other way, but it should be easy and quick to grab the entry ticket 🙂


  • jalistair says:

    Hello Samisu, Thank you for your response. However, I don’t think you answered my question. Are there any career points given based on the final place to improve the career engine. I get it, everyone will have an equal playing field. I am not concerned about that. What I want to know is after the end of this round will there be extra points to build up the career engine or is it the same as any other round that requires no gold to join?

    Thank you,

  • George says:

    i can’t seem to sign in. Where is the Rail Nation Shop? 🙁

  • George says:

    In case thee are some of you who have not read this part of the rules, i have copied it to here.
    Each participant of the Birthday Festival will receive 20,000 Gold on the server. To take part, you need to sign up beforehand for 2,000 Gold. When the server starts, each player will then be credited with 10,000 Gold and a further 2,000 Gold for each subsequent era. So in effect, the Gold you spend on registering will increase ten-fold!
    I think it could be fun.

  • ronald white says:

    can you just enter the game on any of the 15 groups and play or must you b in a team….thnx…or join a team wen you get started

    • Samisu says:

      Hi Ronald!

      You can join any of the 15 groups. The groups are there so players can start together with friends – as long as they pick the same group. But for those who start solo, it really doesn’t matter which group you pick ^^


  • Double 07 says:

    Can you elaborate on the enhanced career achievements?

  • jalistair says:

    Are there any end of game rewards? Why should I join this version as opposed to any other version? Will there be carrier points specific to this event?

    • Samisu says:

      Hi jalistair and thank you for these good questions!

      This Festival server does not have rewards like the Masters had, but there are unique career achievements you can find only on this server.

      The main reason to join is the challenge – do you have what it takes to reach a top position when everyone plays under the exact same circumstances? It’s also a chance to try a round with 20,000 Gold in your pocket, and learn from the best! You will find more experienced players and alliances here, all testing their skills and strategies to reach the top 🙂

      It’s a new experience, and I hope you like it!


  • Triarius says:

    If I wanted to put together a team of players that all start together in the same city as a corp but are currently in multiple different corps, could I do that?

    • Samisu says:

      Hi Triarius,

      This server has its own pre-registration, and you can join the same group with your friends to make sure you start together (150 players can fit each group). The normal pre-registration has been deactivated on this special server.


  • ben harstad says:

    I love this game

  • Crehil says:

    Well I have to be honest I do spend a little cash on the game in the region of £20-£40 per month over the various servers I play. I might add I do this happily as it is a game I very much enjoy playing. However as much as I would very much like to participate I certainly won’t be paying that for a one off event of any kind.

    To put this in some form of context, the price of admission to the “birthday event” is approximately the same as a full priced PC/PS4 or Xbox game (perhaps £10 cheaper but very close).

    Ok buying a game isnt a event so let’s make a comparison of that nature in order to be fair. This year it cost just £10 for a ticket to attend the New Years Eve fireworks display at the London Eye. This event cost in the region of £3.250.000 million pounds for the fireworks alone! You then have cost of staff for the event, policing etc etc etc..

    How can you possibly make justification for the administration fee for something that in essence will cost very little to do. Give players little or no return for their investment, without whom there would be no Rail Nation then have the audacity to call this a celebration for all when it clearly is anything but that.

    Yes the choice to buy gold or not is our own as is entering the event, but to simply take from your community with nothing in return is in my opinion a marketing disaster. At the absolute least make the event ticket available at a special purchase price of a reasonable amount not the full cost of 2000 gold.

    It would in my opinion ease the tension of this event for all (and I use the term “all” very loosely). It would more than likely increase the overall sales and cost absolutely nothing to the company after all this is a virtual currency which by definition in the terms of the event locked to this event only. It’s either that or come up with some outstanding rewards to justify the outrageous cost to participate.

  • 32dd says:

    I have been playing since this game started you guys have become greedy harder to win lottery tickets cost more for 7 day and now you want me to pay for your birthday whats next .

  • Dudefromwest says:

    Another question about this special server. What’s in it for me?
    The fee is 2000 gold to participate, but what are the prizes? Why would I spend the 2000 gold to participate in this? You said that we can’t transfer the remaining gold after the server ends and it’s only a one time event.

    Basically we throw away 2000 gold for a few weeks on an express server? To what point?

    • Samisu says:

      Good questions, and I think only players like yourself can answer those.

      2,000 Gold entry fee is the only way to create a server where only skill and strategy matters, and nothing else. It’s a special challenge to those who really want to know how good they are in Rail Nation, and also a good place to learn from the very best. Who is the true Master of Rail Nation?

      What’s in it for you? Are you interested in the challenge? Do you want special career achievements? Do you want to experience a tougher competitive round or play on the regular servers?

      I think for many it’s the full experience in itself that is the prize or ‘point’ of the round, including special features, competition and limitations this server offers. Plus all the fame for reaching a top spot!


  • Triarius says:

    I really like this idea. It is a level playing field for everyone that chooses to join. No one is going to get crushed by the big spenders. I doubt that there will be very many alt accounts as the fee will help to keep them out. The winner will win based on skill and skill alone. Love it. RN will get more money out of me to join this than you have from me in the past 5-6 years. Thanks for listening to your customers. T

  • Exo Force says:


    I dont know if you addressed this already, or if i missed it in the comments above, but will the entry fee of 2000 be given back to us after the game round is complete, or do we just like “lose”.

    And another thing, if we have for instance 300 gold in one server and 1700 in another, can we had that up to pay up the 2000 gold entry fee. Or is that not possible, since we have to wait for one of the rounds to end?

    Thanks in advance 🙂
    Exo Force

  • Izzy says:


    Ppl are very funny. Do you think the game keeps going because you are so happily playing it for free? No the employees have to get paid. Be real please.

    One thing they coould have done better, keep the name masters and not birthday festival.

    As for « masters » the formula is much better than last year, it is now fair and the best player will win , not the richest 🙂

    Thanks for the changes

  • Shawn J Sampsel says:

    Hmmm. We’ll see. If I am able to purchase gold, Will consider joining. Only question is when the BIRTHDAY game is over, Will any 4emaining gold left over be available to the players on the normal servers.

    • Samisu says:

      Hi Shawn!

      I hope to see you on the special server! You can purchase the 2,000 Gold entry fee or use Gold from another server where you are playing.

      The 20,000 Gold you receive is meant to be used on this server, and can’t be transferred to normal servers.


  • Michael Jordan says:

    If you join this and have all the gold leftover at the end of the event. Can that gold be used in other rounds one might be playing or is that 20000 gold lost?

    • Samisu says:

      Hi Michael!

      The Gold is only intended for this server, and the same applies to Plus Account. These can’t be transferred to regular servers once the special server is over.

  • Dudefromwest says:

    Hi Samisu

    So at the end of this special server, if we’re left with any gold does it go to waste? Or we’ll be able to transfer it once the server ends?


    • Samisu says:

      Hi Dudefromwest!

      Quote from the blog post:

      ‘Can I transfer the Gold and other content (Plus Account) I receive on the festival server to other servers?
      No, that’s not possible. The Gold is only intended for this server and Plus Account days cannot be transferred.’

      Thinking of joining? I hope to see you there!


  • angela twist says:

    You say you have organised something for everyone to participate in to celebrate your birthday but that is not true. This is descrimation as only players that spend real money to buy the gold can take part. If you want us to help you celebrate your birthday then organise for a free event. Only top players will participate in this event. Leaving all the rest of us who have played this game virtually from the start, I have been playing over 5 and a half years, out in the cold and unable to take part in your celebrations. I understand hounded to make money to enable you to organise these events but how about rewarding loyalty to those that have been playing that have enabled you to reach your 6th birthday as it’s us the players that have kept you going.

    • Samisu says:

      Hi angela 🙂

      Thank you for the feedback! This birthday round is completely optional, and you can decide to join it or play on regular servers. Here we wanted to try something new where everyone plays under the exact same circumstances and with 20,000 Gold.

      We will still celebrate Rail Nation’s birthday with everyone when the day comes ^^


  • Uschade says:

    Ok, here is my comment:

    This is not an event. This is another option to earn money. Everyone hast to buy gold…2.000, as far as I can see. That’s around 35€. What ??? You want to celebrate your birthday, but to be your guest, I have to pay 35€ ? Sorry, but this is…well, there is no word for this. Next is…what is about Career engine ? Will they be available ? If so…then we will all not start with the same conditions. And what is this “early registration is early start” – thing ? Is this your understanding of “Everyone will play according to the same conditions!” ? I’d love to play on a birthday server…but I will defenitivly not pay to be your guest. And at last:
    I remember, the person, who is its birthday pays the bill. For all his guests.

  • Adam says:

    WOW, this is a let down, way to join the microtransaction world of EA and Activsion. Why not just tell us if we don’t like it don’t buy it (ask EA and Dice how well that went for Battlefield 5)

    • Samisu says:

      Hi Adam,

      thank you for the feedback. I’m not completely sure what you meant with micro transactions? There’s only one entry fee of 2,000 Gold you can either purchase or use Gold you already have on another server. There are no additional transactions of any kind, just that one time deposit of 2,000 Gold.

      Players can’t make any Gold purchases during the round or transfer Gold there, so in a way this is the exact opposite of micro transactions plus joining the server is completely optional – You can still play on the regular servers that will stay free to join as always 🙂


  • Victor Smeal says:

    Hmmm- I am disappointed. This blog says, “we ultimately decided to organize something for YOU ALL instead”. The phrase “you all’ implies that you intend this new gaming experience to be all inclusive- ALL current RN gamers are invited to join. But that isn’t true or fair.
    There are many of us who play without the resources to buy gold in your shop. Or the resources available to us are not accepted in your game, perhaps because of where we live . We are consequently left out of any chance to take part in this birthday celebration. Which, by the way, seems to be a big birthday present, to you only, in terms of the E$s you plan to rake in.
    It’s discrimination and a poorly disguised attempt to get you hands even deeper in your customers’ pockets. If you were playing fair you would make all the gold available for free. It is, after all, only virtual gold and no loss to you…
    Happy Birthday anyway…
    I do love your game. But I suspect you don’t have the courage to post this…

    • Samisu says:

      Hi there Victor,
      thank you so much for liking the game and for the birthday wishes!

      This birthday server is open for everyone. Where did you get the idea that players from USA would not be able to participate? Players from USA just like from any other country are very much welcome to join the round!

      If someone doesn’t have the resources to join the special server, then we have all the other servers open without an entry fee. This is a one-time special where everyone will play under the exact same circumstances.

      Entry fee of 2,000 Gold is an offer just like any other offer in life. Virtual currency may be virtual, but all the people behind the game, in-game support, developer time, tech expenses etc. – entry fee in this case is the only way to run such special server.

      Hope to see you there!


  • Vic Smeal says:

    Hmmm- this totally leaves out those of us who don’t have the resources to buy gold in the shop or, who have resources the shop accepts but, live in an unacceptable country- like the USA. it certainly is discriminatory by not truly being open to all!
    Thanks and happy birthday…

  • Alain Roy says:


    Will it be a one-shot event or will it restart after the endgame ? If it restarts, will we have to pay 2000 golds at restart each time ?

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