Thursday January 31st, 2019

Meta Events and Diamonds

Dear players,

Today we’d like to talk about the past and future of meta events. These refer to events like the 2018 Winter Event.
During the Winter Event, you were able to collect countless free bonuses as well as diamonds in the game. Diamonds can be seen as a form of score or event prestige, showing your progress in the event. They stay with you even after the end of the event.

The number of diamonds also determines the level of the event building, which gives a small bonus on event quests.

In the Winter Event, we focused on trade as the most effective strategy. Lots of players liked the idea and, with a perfected strategy and lots of work, gained many more diamonds than we could have imagined even in our wildest dreams.

This led to discussion within the community as to why some players had considerably more diamonds than most others. Of course, this is quite a big advantage for any future events and it may result in a situation where those players extend their lead with every event, thereby making it impossible for other players to win an event.

However, there are some possible solutions to this issue.

  • Some players suggested resetting all players’ diamonds and starting again from zero. We think this is too drastic a decision, especially for those players who worked really hard on collecting lots of diamonds. Their efforts shouldn’t have been for nothing.
  • A different solution proposed was to inflate the number of diamonds in future events: this would mean increasing the number of diamonds awarded massively, making the record amounts of the Winter Event no longer a special occurrence. This solution would likewise have the disadvantage of essentially undoing the time and effort players put into the Winter Event. Additionally, for those players with normal amounts of diamonds, their efforts during the Winter Event would become irrelevant after the next event.
  • Eventually, we decided on a compromise. We closely checked the statistics of the diamonds that were handed out to players and decided to draw a line at 500 diamonds. Everything above that figure will be reset to 500 before the next event. The rewards (including achievements) that players received will not, however, be touched and will remain intact. We chose 500 as the point to draw the line because that is the amount that allows players who have traded effectively and cooperatively to still stand out from the crowd. Yet, it’s not an amount so high that it can never be caught up to. This method also avoids making smaller amounts irrelevant. It still makes a difference if a player gained 50 or 200 diamonds.

Finally, we’d like to say a few words about the future: due to the extraordinarily positive feedback in general, we plan to add more meta events to the game. We also want to emphasise cooperation in events – at least for most of them, even if perhaps not for all. And of course, we’ll make sure that future events will have a theoretical maximum number of diamonds that players can receive. A final piece of information: although the Winter Event was tied to a season, that doesn’t need to be the case for all events. There are already multiple concepts for future events. Currently, we’re not yet able to tell you when the next event will take place.

We hope you’re looking forward to more meta events as much as we are!

Your RN Team!


  • Lacidd23 says:

    I already await the next meta event. I hope it will take place as early as possible and it will be as fun as the first.


  • RexRivet says:

    I think the Winter Event was great fun and I would like to see events like that in the future.

    That being said, I do quite understand why you want to change the rules of it. It must have cost you a fortune!!

    So you sit down, you make changes to the rules, you saw how some players grasped the mechanichs of the event and exploiting it to its fullest.

    What I do not quite understand is, you see this every day on the servers during normal gameplay, players exploiting the game to its fullest, yet, you do nothing?

    During normal gameplay you only need your team to get as much prestige for yourself as possible. That is the way you win. You do not need your team for any hard work, for any build up. Others can do that. Then you can get even more prestige and an even bigger win.

    During a Meta Event you only need your team to work the market in order to get as many rewards/diamonds for yourself as possible. No difference!

    You know the players that play your games. You know how they behave. Yet a change of rules must be made for a Meta Event when the rules are not in your favour?

    The way I see things, perhaps you should consider a lot of other rule changes to keep the game running. Unless a small group of players on each server are able to donate enough gold to keep each server profitable.

  • Dudefromwest says:

    I’m sorry, but 500 is a number that’s very very low. People who were not able to collect 500 diamond probably didn’t even play the minigame every day.
    I collected over 4000 diamonds and now they count for nothing? If others worked as hard then they wouldn’t complain now. Will we reset everything because someone complains?

    The career engine is a fine example of that. New players start from level1 while the seasoned ones are on lvl 25+. This is a massive advantage for seasoned players. With your reasoning every round should have the career engine capped at lvl5 not to give a too big edge to the seasoned players.

    You should not have double standards!!

  • Terre says:

    What is missing is the game itself, which was not about trading, but about going through a route uncovering possible prizes and making an infinite number of times the route from the left to the right of the board.

    If you continue with the market of resources, one of two things will happen, which may end up being the first anyway:
    1. The game will no longer work because we all know the strategy.
    2. We will all get too many diamonds during all the time and when there are only a few hours left until the game time ends, we will do an intensive marathon to maximize the level crossing the board as many times as we can in a single day.

    The solution could be: limit the amount of resources you can buy / sell at the same time, and on the same day, amount that will depend on the level of play you have: the more level, the more you can trade.

  • TAnderson says:

    Hello RailNation Team!

    Oh dear, that’s a blow in my stomach… I had around 4500 diamonds… 🙁
    Now reduced to just over 10% of it?
    What kind of compensation do you have in mind to come up with such a loss? Gold? Career points?
    Everybody had the same circumstances. And just because I was more clever than most of the others doesn’t mean you have to bully me now!
    What was that talking of you about Pioneers in rail history and RailNation? Am I not a Pioneer by seeing paths to be better than everybody else and trying something nobody else tried before not sure of the outcome just to gain something on the others?

    500 diamonds is roughly the sum those people had, that didn’t come up with the same idea I had, so I gained nothing.

    With respect, because it’s still a nice game,

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