Rail Nation Masters – All info here

Something new is steaming towards you!
You can hear it in the distance: the biggest competition Rail Nation has ever seen.

To mark Rail Nation’s fifth birthday, we’re starting a very special game round. Allow us to introduce: Rail Nation Masters.

It will be a six-week competition for victory with the largest cities, most effective associations and top scores in the individual ranking. In Rail Nation Masters, the best and most successful players from around the world go head to head.

The round is played as an express server on Rail Nation Classic. For the first time ever, a Classic server will feature the new user interface that you may already have seen from USA and Steam over Europe. The start date is 29th January 2018.

Every Rail Nation player who has already achieved two or more stars – i.e. completed a round of Rail Nation within the top 100 – will have a secure place to take part in this competition.

But that’s not all, of course. We’ll also be handing out wild-cards to among all those who have not yet achieved two stars in various events. With a little creativity and luck, anyone can participate in the Rail Nation Masters.

Players from around the world meet in Rail Nation Masters to compete with and against each other for the title of Rail Nation Champion. Each of the 19 available languages will be selected as a personal server language. Some of the features will also be deactivated to level the playing field. These include the redemption of bonus codes, the super starter package and inviting friends.

But you will still be able to use your career engine as usual as a trophy of your personal progress.

Naturally, for those who rank at the top of the Rail Nation Masters, there are valuable prizes up for grabs at the end of the round.

For instance, all members of the three best-ranking associations will receive vouchers for Rail Nation Gold.
Tablets and smartphones will be awarded among the best individual players.

So, it’s time to get ready and prepare your strategies for this special event!
Board your trains and hit the rails!

Facts at a glance:

  • Start: 29.01.2018
  • Classic scenario
  • New client (first time on Classic)
  • Express server
  • One round, one server, no qualification round
  • Multilingual – each of the 19 languages can be selected in the game
  • Some features deactivated: Inviting friends, super starter packet and bonus codes
  • Career engine available
  • Every player with 2 stars may automatically take part
  • Wild-cards in the form of codes can be won in various events

Unfortunately, players living in Spain and Italy are excluded from taking part for legal reasons.