Important information about our test servers

Dear railway fans,

Today we have some important information for those of you who play on our test servers (PTR servers) or would like to try them out in the future! During the first week of April we will perform a number of technical changes to the way the PTR game worlds are organised on the servers and detach them from the career mode.

When will these technical changes take place?

All test servers have to be switched off for a short while to allow us to implement the changes. We’ll begin with PTR2 (the classic scenario), which will go offline on Monday 3rd April at 10:30 am (8:30 am UTC). This will be followed by PTR1 (the Europe scenario) and PTR3 (the USA scenario) on Tuesday at 10:30 am (8:30 am UTC). All three servers are expected to be available again on Tuesday from 2:00 pm (12:00 pm noon UTC) and will enter a new game round.

Why is the server move necessary?

The move will bring two benefits. On the one hand, the PTR game rounds were not previously included in the career system. In the future, you will be able to strive for achievements on a dedicated PTR career area. Here, every player will start from scratch.
On the other hand, this move gives us the chance to test new game content for the career mode with players in advance and allows us to trial updates for the game worlds to their full extent.

What implications will the server move have?

  • The PTR servers will no longer be available via the normal server menu in the career area. Instead, you will be able to access the PTR career area directly from a page linked to the Rail Nation homepage, where you can then enter the game.

  • The accounts for live servers and the test environment will also be separated as part of these technical changes. This means you will have to register for the PTR servers once again.
  • Unfortunately for mobile users, the PTR servers will no longer be available via the app after the changes due to technical reasons.
  • The changes will have no effect on the status of your current career progress.
  • The PTR forum will also be left untouched.

We would like to thank all the players for their help on the PTR servers and look forward to welcoming you all back on Tuesday from 2:00 pm.

Have fun and keep traveling safely.
The Rail Nation Team

Update: PTR servers are live now. You can find them > here <.