Wednesday November 21st, 2018

We need your opinion on the split laboratory!

Dear players,

You might have asked yourself what happened to your ideas for new features that we recently collected. Your favourite feature at the time was the split laboratory. A little reminder: the idea was about being able to decide whether to speed up research and increase the frequency of research point production, or to increase the maximum storage limit for research points. Both options, depending on play-style, have their pros and cons, and the option to choose either allows you to match your train station with your personal style of play.

Since this idea came up, we have been working on ways to make it happen and have now prepared two options on which we’d like to get your opinions.

The decision at stake here concerns the interface of the new split laboratory and it will also slightly change the way the building works.

Option A: The two-button solution

Here, it would be an option to have two visual buildings in the game, but only one large clickable area that leads you to the laboratory and lets you decide what to upgrade there. It could look like this:

The second building you see here is only a placeholder for now.

Option B: The two-building solution

Alternatively, both buildings could have their own clickable areas, each leading to a separate menu. This would change the mechanics of the feature slightly, as two separate buildings would also mean that they could both be upgraded simultaneously if a player wishes to do that. In the game, this could look as follows:

Let us know HERE IN THE FORUM which option you prefer… and why, too! We’re happy to develop this feature together with you and are looking forward to the final result. Of course, we’ll keep you updated about the ongoing development of this feature and hope all of us will soon be able to experience this feature first-hand in our train stations!


Full steam ahead!
Your Rail Nation Team



  • Józsi Pista says:

    Szerinte az együtt a jobb. Mert így egybe kilehet fizetni mindketőt.

  • christopher m says:

    i’m thinking the 2nd option the flexability of 2 buildings the stragey of it and the ability to change focus in the game at any point is appealing to me as i get more rounds under my belt i notice a lack of strategy as i go on i find myself taking the same path i’d like more choice to mix it up in all the buildings to be able to fine tune my game as i think giving more combinations which could change as other members of the corp or other corps some in to my city i see a need to change on the fly with city comps or even end game

  • Ian Turner says:

    I have over 2,000 gold in the kitty – all earned from playing the game competitions & lottery tickets. Currently in era 6 of my 3rd game and have been running a plus account constantly.

  • Ian Turner says:

    The second option is clearly the better one as it has greater flexibility for the player than the first option. I am not sure why someone thinks that this is only for the benefit of those that purchase gold as I feel that is totally irrelevant. You upgrade station buildings with ingame $$ not gold.

  • BabitaEZG says:

    Jestem za opcja proponowaną przez Caesar Saladius .

  • Alastric says:

    Option B: The two-building solution, please ! It allows more flexibility, more chance to choose one’s own path … ideally, the amount which one spends (in terms of in-game cash) will be close to or exactly the same for the two-building solution as the amount which one spends on the current one-building solution … this removes the criticism that such a change can only benefit those who spend real money on the game …

  • Bill says:

    I like option 2 better as I can upgrade both simultaneously or just 1 if that works better for my game at a particular point. For instance near the end of an era when I have finished all of the research and no longer need to increase speed I can continue to upgrade the storage ahead of the era change.

  • Terre says:

    Te best choice is the A.
    BUT… forcing that the levels of the two branches (speed & capacity) do not have a greater difference than:

    D = # Era + 2

    It does not matter which branch is bigger and which smaller.
    Therefore, in era 1, the difference will be 3 levels of difference, for example. speed in 4 and capacity in 6 … in Era 4 will be 6 levels, eg. Speed in 14 and capacity in 8.

    Also, the sum of the levels of the two branches does not exceed

    MaxLVL (Era) = # Era * 5

    Therefore, in era 3, the sum of the levels of the two branches can not be greater than 15, at the age of 5 years, can not be greater than 25. This balances the development of this building.

    I think that all buildings should have a maximum development limit per era… like cities and engines, and the way is to limit the maximum number of levels per era with that formula or a similar one: MaxLVL (Era) = #Era * 5

  • Lacidd23 says:


    I prefer Option A: The two-button solution. At first glance it seems easier to use.

    Have a nice day!

    Respectfully 🙂

  • jalistair says:

    Currently it is possible to max out your research and not be able to do anything with the research you have. It would be of more interest to be able to move that research forward at a reduced rate to the next round, or to sell the research for cash.

  • Proudsoul says:

    I would like the second opt. Gives a player a choice for storage if not on frequently or speed if on frequently.

  • Princips Augustu says:

    Second option in my opinion. It leaves more to the strategy of the player.

  • Celt says:

    I like the two building option as it will make play clearer and there is little chance of clicking the wrong button in a two button facility.

  • Eddie Steady says:

    I have not previously made a comment, my comment is – leave it as it is. It would appear another has made the same comment.

  • Eddie Steady says:

    I think leave it as it is.

  • Tweetybug says:

    I would prefer the second option, I think the first option would get a bit confusing to players. Also getting two buildings gives players who are always on a way to speed up the research points, and those that aren’t, would be able to collect more. It would ease the RP situation a lot more.

  • Cletus ™ ® says:

    I would say one building & flip the toggle on which option you want with the 1st upgrade. I’d need more info on how the supposed split works. Do both building go to level 13 and I have to upgrade both for max? If I start down speedy path and can’t play as much later & swap to quantity, what kind of mess is that? I guess the usefulness of this “Improvement” should be decided by showing us some math vs whatever the art dept came up with.

  • ChasMB says:

    Option B as 2 buildings IF either one if forced on us.

  • Chris says:

    Both options have their advantages based on your style of game play and how much gold, if any, that one buys. For me Option A would be preferable

  • Martin Young says:

    I like the second option, I think it is clearer and gives you the ability to upgrade both if you have the money.

  • LINUS 70 says:

    penso sia piu vantagiosa la B

  • Tim Auger says:

    I think the second one would be better.

    It gives more flexibility and choice. Players who can only log in for a short time twice a day (say) will be able to prioritise the storage part and ensure that they don’t ‘waste’ RPs, while those who are online more frequently can focus on speed of generating RPs.

  • ney guedes says:

    evoluir um já era dificil, com dois então.
    no caso prefiro evoluir os dois com preferência no que mais me intereçar no momento do jogo.
    no caso a segunda opção

  • Jaycee says:

    Stupid. If either suggestion goes ahead then I will quit the game. Everything is for the benefit of those who spend thousands on buying Gold and the majority of player who do not spend, or like me cannot afford to, this amount of money on Gold will be left further behind.

    The fun element in this game has gone, vanished in to thin air.

  • Caesar Saladius says:

    Although the First Option, one button -> menu looks nicer, I think that the second option (two different buildings) is the better choice, as it gives more variance to the station area and enables Plus Account holders to upgrade both labs at once.
    This would, however, make getting the medal for max-upgrading every building even harder to achieve, so I’d want to see more research points given away, perhaps as a reward for being a plus account holder?

  • Stephane Radoux says:

    I would opt for the second option with 2 different buildings, this gives a bonus advantage to players who bought Gold to invest in a Plus Account as it allows upgrading 2 buildings simultaneously. This would be a nice incentive/reward for them.

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