We need your opinion on the split laboratory!

Dear players,

You might have asked yourself what happened to your ideas for new features that we recently collected. Your favourite feature at the time was the split laboratory. A little reminder: the idea was about being able to decide whether to speed up research and increase the frequency of research point production, or to increase the maximum storage limit for research points. Both options, depending on play-style, have their pros and cons, and the option to choose either allows you to match your train station with your personal style of play.

Since this idea came up, we have been working on ways to make it happen and have now prepared two options on which we’d like to get your opinions.

The decision at stake here concerns the interface of the new split laboratory and it will also slightly change the way the building works.

Option A: The two-button solution

Here, it would be an option to have two visual buildings in the game, but only one large clickable area that leads you to the laboratory and lets you decide what to upgrade there. It could look like this:

The second building you see here is only a placeholder for now.

Option B: The two-building solution

Alternatively, both buildings could have their own clickable areas, each leading to a separate menu. This would change the mechanics of the feature slightly, as two separate buildings would also mean that they could both be upgraded simultaneously if a player wishes to do that. In the game, this could look as follows:

Let us know HERE IN THE FORUM which option you prefer… and why, too! We’re happy to develop this feature together with you and are looking forward to the final result. Of course, we’ll keep you updated about the ongoing development of this feature and hope all of us will soon be able to experience this feature first-hand in our train stations!


Full steam ahead!
Your Rail Nation Team