Monday September 17th, 2018

Time for Pioneers – Overview of the new stats for all engines

The new update is bringing big changes to Rail Nation.

Besides the six new passenger engines and the revamped research trees, all attributes of the engines you are familiar with will also change. The new engine stats can be characterised by improved balancing. The new categories mean each engine provides added value in certain game situations.

Adapting to these modified attributes will be a big challenge for all players. Gone are the times where the research path to the Falcon and Lynx were always the same. New paths to success must now be found.

To make sure you can also master Rail Nation in the future, we offer you an overview of how the engine’s attributes will change.


How to read the tables:

The figures always show the minimum value without upgrades and the highest value including all upgrades that an engine could reach until now (old) and the equivalent future values (new). Additionally, the new engine category (sprinter, short-haul, etc.) is displayed underneath the name.

The left figure shows the minimum value without upgrades, the right figure the maximum after installing all upgrades.


The update will soon be released. Of course, the engine attributes will not be changed during a round. The changes will only affect new servers. We’ll soon let you know when the first server with the new stats will launch.


We hope you find the tables helpful!



  • Markku Ihalainen says:

    Where I can find new trains info? Greyhound, Artemis etc etc

  • Peter-Paul says:

    we wil stop with the game new interface is the reason
    not this chance of engines

    you should look in the mirror and then you also understand why losing so many players on the game
    compared to last round we are halved of active players
    that means in 3 years that i do play this game lesser then 10% of players are in the game

  • DD says:

    Era 2: Black Bear: old 6 wagons new 6 wagons: what should it be?

    • Samisu says:

      Hi DD,

      I’m sorry but there’s a typo in the image of the old Black bear, and the new 6 wagon capacity for Black bear will be active once 4.9.0 servers start. So far that’s the only typo found from the images.


  • boompie05 says:

    Why thuis upgrades i dont like the new things

  • Hugh says:

    The old Black Bear has 8 wagon capacity. Presumably the new 6 wagon capacity still stands?

    It also seems, that despite the categorisation (marathoner, sprinter etc), the research has been split into 2 areas, with the latter 3 engines of each era outperforming the earlier 3, which seems to imply more weight on plus account or lack of, than category.

    • Samisu says:

      Hi Hugh 🙂

      There’s a typo in the image of the old Black bear, and the new 6 wagon capacity for Black bear will be active once 4.9.0 servers start. So far that’s the only typo found from the images.


  • hjhj4 says:

    Era 1+2: better acceleration of Swallow and Raven is good to make the starting phase less boring. But – in era 1+2 the goods are close to the city, so no sense to implement a long-haul cathegory with low acceleration, its useless! Machine is at the target sooner than the max. speed is achieved! In general I see more deteriorations than improvements in machine features (lower accel., lower speed etc.). Machines less efficient so the play will be more boring therefore. Ridiculous change at Bat – so we will have the super loco at the start of era2 running 175 kmh and after that all steam machines will only be slower and slower…?

  • Leanne says:

    Im not impressed, overall, you have nerfed most of the good one’s. from lynx right through to olympus. These 2 current games im playing will be my last.
    Pity, I was enjoying this game.

  • dmnh says:

    It is hard to see a game which was a good game some time ago with a potential to be a great game. Now it reach the point I don’t want to play anymore 🙁

  • gfrmsc says:

    Nice to see that in advance.

  • NeHano says:

    Thanks for this new improvement.
    It getting more and more boring.
    Hope there is also an extra secrete researched body in place.
    Like too choose from between the three extra Speed, Reliability or acceleration.
    Traction force excluding.

  • Peter-Paul says:

    TALOS era5 pax amount of pessengers 800 is that correct
    becuase i strongley suggest o look at that
    that is nuts

  • Peter-Paul says:

    and your engine balancings is ofc again totally wrong
    i have looked at era1
    normal cargo engines are al decreased in capacity
    why make them al so slow

    creating way more unbalnce due good carreer engines and bonusengines

    again a major failure this
    but what elkse could we expect
    you are able to make a decent game worthles
    with every single updtae in the last 3 years

  • Peter-Payl says:

    tables withouts research path are not usefull
    the amounts of rp’s needed to get to the coupling

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