Monday May 21st, 2018

Select your favourite feature

Dear players,

Thank you for your countless feature suggestions! We have now worked through all the ideas and have added quite a few to our list. Some of your ideas actually already existed as a concept on the desk of our game designer.

Eventually, we had to agree on 5 favourites, on which you can now vote! Choose your favourite feature that the Rail Nation team will develop for you in the coming weeks! The poll is open until 25.05.2018.

1. Production series benefits

Each production series will have a small, individual advantage in one of the four categories speed, acceleration, reliability and tractive force (tractive force only in later eras, as the advantage would be too big otherwise). While one production series would have a 3 km/h higher top speed, another may have 5% greater reliability or an additional point in acceleration. That means switching between production series could gain you the crucial seconds to win a competition or increase your profits some more.

Thanks to: Letnab

2. Association competition

Associations close to each other in the ranking would fight against each other in an association competition once a week. The association generating the highest profit within one hour would win the association competition and receive the main prize. The lower-ranked associations would receive smaller prizes based on their ranking.
Prizes could include waiting time reductions or faster engines for all association members for one day.

Thanks to: Hub3rt

3. Landmark widget (only for Steam over Europe)

There could be a landmark widget similar to the one for cities. It would allow players to see the progress of all connected landmarks and access them directly from the screen or centre them on the map. Investments, passengers and the two to three most required goods (including the player’s own position) would always be displayed.

Thanks to: Uvir

4. Passenger transports with the career engine

A career engine upgrade could be researched that would allow it to transport passengers too. The upgrade would follow after the goods for era six and would cost 3,000 technology points. The tractive force would equal 10 times the tractive force of waggons.

Thanks to: Torsten Brehmer

5. Split laboratory

When upgrading the laboratory, a player could decide either to increase the research speed (e.g. one research point every 70 minutes instead of 75, for $1,000,000) or to increase the research point limit (e.g. 16 points instead of 14, for $500,000). The first option is beneficial for players who are often online, while the second option helps those who only log in once or twice a day.

Thanks: Wunsiedl

The ideas that didn’t make it into the top five are of course not gone for good! After a review, many of them have been added to the ideas list of our game designer Bruno.

We’re looking forward to receiving your votes!
The Rail Nation Team


  • Tom says:

    Wanneer komt er hier iets van uit?

    • Samisu says:

      Hi Tom, you can find this information at the end of the blog post:

      – All changes come into force with the restart of a server.
      – The roll-out for this update is planned for the end of September. Of course, we’ll keep you posted about the exact dates.
      – Still no passenger trains in Rail Nation – USA.

  • Paul Pearce-Smith (phps) says:

    Bonus Code from the e-mail does not seem to work!

    • Samisu says:

      Hi Paul,

      Is the bonus code this one: YOURFEATURE2018
      If so, you need to write it all together and all CAPS. You can also copy-paste the code ^^

      • Paul Pearce-Smith (phps) says:

        Been there, done that Samisu, with the bonus Code. Copied and pasted, typed it in, but it will not check for some reason.

        • Samisu says:

          Sorry to hear it didn’t work.

          Next, I would suggest you to contact game support and tell them the bonus code could not be redeemed. Also let support know where you are playing: Name of the game world where you tried to use the code. Support can send the bonuses manually when needed.

          Have a nice and sunny week!

  • Michael says:

    I’m happy I play this game on my regular computer, and now I can play on my tablet. Good going improvements is always good keep it up.

  • Gary Bowser73 says:

    Everything in the Game ought to be shared equally rather or not you play for Blood or you play casual from time to time

  • American Patriot says:

    I would like to see something that would allow us to gather / use the research points that we cannot get once all points are full in the era. I often get all research points filled up days before the era ends and it pains me to see them just go away uncollected. if we could get a token for 40 that would allow us to upgrade the bonus engine, that would be really cool. Just a thought but it just seems like a loss to me to not be able to use the points when we work feverishly to level up the research lab.

  • Aubrey Parson says:

    Find a way to give the Chair better control over the corp. Nobody listens and just leaves. Make it a penalty for leaving the corp or getting fired. Also prestige hunters are making things difficult, it’s not a team play anymore. It’s not fun anymore.

  • John Riotto says:

    You have to solve the problem of cities sandbagging EG to finish a lower ranking to get lower amts to haul during EG. I suggest providing the number 1 city members be awarded a certain amt of points against the career engine, like, 400 points for 1st place, 350 for 2nd place, etc. I would as an alternate change the amt delivered but maybe make it more competitive against the sandbaggers. I know I am adding some confusion here but also think about the number of players in a city and the amt required to haul. If a city is number 1 because they have 150 members hauling then slips on purpose to number 6 at eg to haul less, you could penalize them to haul more goods because of number of total city members. Free haulers must determine a top 10 city before eg.

  • eggbertnosh says:

    I hope the split Lab wins as it will enable the generation of more points quicker

  • GL says:

    Both options of Passenger Train and Split Labs are good ideas !

  • RAVI says:


  • Puma says:

    Please stop the thing that if we don’t repair our engines for too long we will have to start again because I once made a lot of progress but I forgot to play for a few days so I have to restart

  • Silverbullet says:

    Would like to see the features of hauling passengers and landmark hauling for one of the US scenarios.

  • timothy wilmoth says:

    good game

  • Widchuck says:

    How about a true east vs West game. Drop players in one city on either side. City has to be level 5 before they can connect to next city. They have to move in groups/assoc minimum 5 players. First one to the other side wins. Bonuses added based on number of towns they created and then maintained control of.

  • özgür bakan says:

    thx for your comminucation…

  • Automatyk says:

    Have fun!

  • David (DJH) says:

    I would like to see a change in the end game – –

    All Mega Cities start receiving goods at the same time (i.e. just as would be with the change in any era). However…. the number 1 ranked city requires less of each good (each level it is higher than the next city gives it a further bonus in decreasing the required amount of goods).. This is then repeated until the 10th Mega City has the most goods required by the city.

    This will encourage everyone to play to end on top of the rankings in the era phase of the game and not as currently is happening see the Associations manipulating the rankings by not leveling their city in the last era (they want to end around 6th or 7th in the rankings) to get the bonus (really???) of having to haul less goods to the city…

    • Triarius says:

      No thanks David. I prefer allowing advanced players that pay attention to use effective strategies.

    • John McAniff says:

      The EG advantage to the 1st ranked megacity is unfair to the lowest ranked megacities. They really have no chance to be among the top 3 at the end. Last round their was a tie in amount of goods hauled between Rome & Hamburg 16 goods hauled, while the winning megacity had almost all their goods hauled (I believe 48 by that time.)

  • Nikolay Atanassov says:

    About “Passenger transports with the career engine”

    It should not be after the Era 6.
    You may decide to develop a passenger train without wanting cargo from the 3.4,5,6 era

    The transition between cargo and passenger train should not cost anything.
    It should be access without costing career points.
    It is quite difficult to develop the career train.

    • John McAniff says:

      I agree that the career engine should not cost anything to be able to switch to Pax. The higher up in rank a PERSON GOES, THE HARDER IT IS TO EARN ENOUGH POINTS FOR THE CAREEER LOCO.

  • Skblzz says:

    I suggest during end game the tonnage should change as the city changes level. If the tonnage depends on your level when You end era 6, the same rule should apply whem You deliver 12 goods, 24 and 36.

  • ney guedes (avatar ney4) says:

    assim como a locomotiva de carreira transporta carga., porque não nos dar uma de passageiros, as melhorias seriam para cada 5.000 pontos de prestigio uma melhoria diferente. afinal somos nós que mantemos este jogo, concorda?

    • Samisu says:

      Hi ney guedes,

      Please write your comments in English as I wasn’t able to translate your message here ^^
      And have a nice day!

      • Stewart Davey (avatar P.T.Butt) says:

        Here is google translate translation of ney guedes comment:

        just as the railway locomotive transports cargo. Because it does not give us a passenger, the improvements would be for every 5,000 prestige points a different improvement. after all, it’s us who keep this game, do you agree?

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