Recent changes to Steam over Europe

Hello railway fans,

A lot has happened since the launch of Rail Nation – Steam over Europe, thanks to our continuous work on creating a better gaming experience for you. There have been three large updates over recent weeks that fixed more than 500 errors and implemented many of your ideas and suggestions in the game. Here’s a recap of the most important changes in these last three updates:

Version 1.1:

  • Inbox: end-of-day prestige messages now sum up all prestige from all cities
  • Map: the competition display is now also visible when zooming far out
  • Trains: train menu has been revised
  • Trains: poor engine condition is shown in the main menu

Bug fixes:

  • Landmarks: investment progress display was incorrect
  • Options: email address and password could not be changed
  • Train station: fixed an error regarding prestige when using instant upgrade
  • Tutorial: confirmation button could not be clicked when buying waggons
  • Timetable calculator: engines from era 1 were not included correctly
  • Timetable calculator: waggon vouchers were not taken into account properly when setting up a schedule
  • Lottery: Gold rush: error 0 problem after a player won the jackpot has been fixed
  • City competitions: positions are now shown correctly

Version 1.2:

  • City: overall progress of cities and landmarks is shown
  • Chat: messages may be copied
  • Inbox: URLs in private messages can now be clicked
  • Passenger transports: the required passenger amount in competitions has been reduced and balancing optimised
  • Lottery: number of available free tickets is now shown
  • Train station: it’s possible to switch from your own station to those of your association members

Bug fixes:

  • City: recommended starting city (+100 Gold) was shown as overcrowded
  • City: city details and ranking showed different values
  • Chat: fixed a range of issues with filters and the messaging display
  • Landmarks: the first landmark schedule could not be set up manually
  • Museum: reactivated trains were invisible
  • Map: ships travelled backwards
  • Licences: fixed bidding issues
  • Association: HQ donations were sometimes deducted twice
  • Trains: trains can now all be sent off simultaneously once again

Version 1.3:

  • Inbox: fully revised messaging system: topics and messages now shown at a glance
  • Chat: new, freely configurable chat
  • Map: city and landmark levels are shown directly on the map
  • City: landmark progress is now also shown in the city info
  • City: transport ranking is now visible at first glance
  • Trains: moving engines to the museum has been simplified (you can now view all trains at a glance again)
  • Performance: the game no longer slows down other applications when opened

Bug fixes:

  • City selection: overcrowded cities were recommended
  • City competitions: clicking the city container opened the city details
  • City competitions: the winner was awarded an incorrect bonus
  • Industries: details were only visible after opening the second time
  • Schedule: it is now possible to once again switch between engines in the schedule mode
  • Schedule: these were not always adopted for trains if they were parked in the city
  • Workers: prepared bid was reset if another player placed a bid
  • Sitter: sitter mode didn’t always start
  • Screens: some screens were cut off in certain wide-screen resolutions
  • Rankings: rankings for players/associations/industries were mixed up

If you’re interested in finding out what other bugs have been fixed in the updates, you can browse more details in the changelogs.

There have also been some big updates for the classic and USA version of Rail Nation and the next new content is already in the pipeline! If you have any suggestions for improvements, please take a look at our forum.

We wish you safe travels,
The Rail Nation Team