Thursday May 2nd, 2019

Rail Nation – Origin Journey

Pack your bags and join us on a journey through Germany, Austria and Switzerland, from the North Sea to the Alps.
We’re delighted to introduce you to our new map, Rail Nation – Origin Journey!

This new map is fundamentally different from all three of our scenarios, as Rail Nation – Origin Journey will only be available for a limited time only and exclusively as an event scenario! Multiple regional and international servers will start in May and run their course through to the grand finale. Be part of it!

But what exactly is Rail Nation – Origin Journey?

Our new map sends you on a journey across the German-speaking part of Europe. The map relates to the origins of Rail Nation in two different ways. Firstly, it’s the home of the development studio where Rail Nation’s story began. And secondly, with respect to the game mechanics, it goes back to the roots that are the Classic scenario, which in all our surveys has always been your absolute favourite. Rail Nation – Origin Journey contains all the familiar features of the Classic scenario. Research engines, expand your railway network and help your city grow into a megacity.
Of course, not all will be exactly the same, there are plenty of new features as well.


50 cities, 3 countries, 1 map

From the Baltic Sea to the Alps, and from Berlin to Geneva. 50 realistic German, Austrian and Swiss cities are at the heart of the new scenario. All cities also have their very own authentic landmark. Hop on board and visit them all!

Famous cars, exquisite watches and delicious cake – supply 11 new regional goods

For the first time ever in the history of Rail Nation, local goods have been added to the game. Players can now supply cities with 11 new, traditional and authentic goods – from Swiss cheese and German beer to leather pants from Austria. Industrial dyes, chocolate and, for the first time, water are now all part of the new range of goods.
Plus, there will naturally be new workers to match these goods.

Complete the journey

Every player who actively plays all Rail Nation scenarios will receive new achievements. The journey through Germany, Austria and Switzerland will also be rewarded with career points.

If you’d like to get all four achievements for playing all maps, please keep in mind that Rail Nation – Origin Journey will be available for a limited time only. Watch this space!


Experience the new map design – modern, bright and full of colour!

Rail Nation – Origin Journey not only offers you beautiful landmarks but also some graphical updates like new trees, rivers, more visible bridges and routes, additional landscape objects and more. In addition to the 50 landmarks, 250 new map elements await you!


Everybody in our development team is looking forward to beginning the journey through Germany, Austria and Switzerland together with you!
See you in Rail Nation – Origin Journey,

Your RN Team







Do landmarks work like in Steam over Europe?

Nope. The landmarks on this map are simply eye-candy only. Rail Nation – Origin Journey is played just like the Classic scenario.


What are the new goods?

They are: water, milk, cheese, chocolate, beer, cake, leather trousers, wristwatches, paint, mobile phones and garden gnomes. On top of that, we have given some older goods new icons.


Does it cost something to play on the new map?

No, the map will be available for all players and free of charge.


Will there be pre-registration for or on the Rail Nation – Origin Journey server?

Nope. The server will only run once and will not restart. For this reason, there will be no pre-registration.


Is the career engine available on this map?



Is it possible to purchase and transfer Gold?

Yeah! Buying Gold is possible and any Gold left over after the end of the event scenario will then be available on any server of the same domain. Transferring Gold from servers of the same domain to the Rail Nation – Origin Journey server is also possible.


When and on which domains will Rail Nation – Origin Journey be available?

We will have German, Russian, Eastern European and international COM game worlds.

First RU game world: 14.5.2019
First COM game world: 16.5.2019
First DE game world: 20.5.2019
First Eastern European game world (CZ, PL, RO, UA): 21.5.2019

Additional game worlds in those domains will start after the 20th of May if needed.



  • Joel Bryan says:

    I don’t see this in the list of servers starting this week. Has the start Ben delayed? Where can we preregister? Looking forward to a fresh game!

  • Frank says:

    Als ik het goed begrijp. Kan je nu niet intekenen voor deze origin Journey.. kan enkel op 16 05 2019? en om hoe laat?

    Weet er iemand wanneer de Euro express opnieuw van start gaat?


  • Art Cohan says:

    1. Will this be a city only competition or regional as European?
    2> May a player change Home City once game starts?

  • Samisu says:

    Thank you very much for the explanation, this OJ Express was found in the dropdown menu when choosing a scenario. That is a placeholder and no Express servers have been confirmed. If players love the new scenario and we get lots of players there, we will open new servers when needed. There has been no talk about an Express version of Origin Journey yet, so let’s first see how you like the scenario <3

    The new goods will give a balanced game experience. Will the new goods replace some of the old goods or will these be added on top of the goods we now have – that is left for a surprise.

  • Samisu says:

    Hello there Seyit, Turkish players are welcome to join the comm301 Black Forest, Starting on Thursday 16.05.2019, at 12:00 UTC. Hope to see you there!

    Merhabalar Seyit, Türk oyuncuları 16.05.2019 Perşembe, saat 12: 00’de başlayacak olan comm301 Black Forest’e katılabilir. Orada görüşmek dileğiyle!

  • xeon3000 says:

    I remember normal without passangers 😉 Add new goods = more railcar needed, any new source of money?

    Game world overwiew -> join new game world (Tab) -> Scenario (open list) -> last 3 position is:
    Clasic Festival (Express)
    Orygin Journey
    Orygin Journey (express)

    BTW: E letter in word express is not equal in all scenerio name.

  • Seyit Nusret ÖZTÜRK says:

    Türkçe ve Türkiye şehirleri eklenecek mi?

  • Samisu says:

    Hi 🙂

    Rail Nation – Origin Journey countries are listed in the blog post above, and you can also find an image of the map with the cities in it. You can pick your starting city, but better be quick if you want to be sure there is room for you in that city 😉

  • Samisu says:

    Hi there,

    This scenario is based on the Classic scenario, so landmarks are only there to add spice.

    Where did you see ‘Origin Journey Express’ announced? OJ is a normal speed server.

  • Samisu says:

    Hola TROPIN,

    Spanish players are welcome to join the comm301 Black Forest, Starting on Thursday 16.05.2019, at 12:00 UTC. This server is translated also to Spanish.

    Los jugadores españoles son bienvenidos a unirse a comm301 Black Forest, que comienza el jueves 16.05.2019 a las 12:00 UTC. Este servidor está traducido también al español.

  • helltoeden says:

    OJ on COM server
    countries? cities? details for new required goods? map?

  • helltoeden says:

    which are the countries for the COM O. journey, how we can get their names, the map, the details?
    can we chose the city to start?

  • TROPIN says:

    hola, habra un server en español

  • xeon3000 says:

    Why Landmarks can’t take even regional goods just for money?
    If only normal speed, what does it mean “orgin journey expres” in start new game list?

    PS: this servers name should be 15 kV ;-]

  • Lacidd23 says:

    ”Hip hip hooray! Welcome for Origin Journey :)”

  • Samisu says:

    Hi Dave, one of the servers is German and it starts on the 20th of May.

  • Samisu says:

    Hi Robert,

    the English server is comm301 Black Forest starting on the 16th of May, but you can, of course, use English on any of the servers.

  • Samisu says:

    Hey, all servers can be played in English, but the main one is comm301 Black Forest that starts on the 16th of May.

    We will open more servers depending on how many players will join the Rail Nation – Origin Journey!

  • Samisu says:

    Hi 🙂

    This is a special one-time server with no restarts. If you like it, let us know and perhaps we will have more special servers in the future ^^

  • Samisu says:

    You can find the career achievements in the lobby once those are released. One of the achievements is when you finish the Rail Nation – Origin Journey and gathered 20k Prestige or more 🙂

  • Samisu says:

    Hi ^^

    There are no plans to restart these special servers.

  • Samisu says:

    It will be a normal server, 14 days per era.

  • TAnderson says:

    What will the achievements be exactly?

  • Dave says:

    Hi, Will this been in German or does it support English? My high school is not all that good.

  • Robert says:

    Which Origin Journey is in English?

  • Llewelyn1966 says:

    Why is it one run only, no restarts?

  • DyKarN says:

    What are the achievements, and their rewards?

  • DyKarN says:

    Will the servers restart once they end?

  • naike says:

    is it an express or a 12 week server?

  • naike says:

    is this an express server or the normal length of 12 weeks?

  • naike says:

    Is this an express or a normal lenght server?

  • Samisu says:

    Hi, here are the dates:

    First RU game world: 14.5.2019
    First COM game world: 16.5.2019 (international)
    First DE game world: 20.5.2019
    First Eastern European game world (CZ, PL, RO, UA): 21.5.2019

    Additional game worlds in those domains will start after the 20th of May if needed.

  • Samisu says:

    Hi art, no need to play all scenarios. That sentence was meant to say ‘all scenarios will bring new achievements, and so will the Rail Nation – Origin Journey.

    We are sorry for the confusion and hope to see you in OJ!

  • BEEBEE says:

    What date does the international com start?

  • andixk says:

    Hi, klingt interessant. Ich bin dabei.

    Schönes Wochenende

  • Art Cohan says:

    “Every player who actively plays all Rail Nation scenarios will receive new achievements.”
    Does that mean all scenarios at the same time? Is there a time frame required for scenarios other than Origin Journey?

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