Rail Nation Masters – Here are the winners!

Dear players,

The endgame on Masters is over and here comes our final report. We know it has been a very bumpy ride and the server could not deliver the very special gaming experience we wanted Masters to be. There will be more information on this further below. But first, it’s time to present our winners!

Petertown was the first city to enter the endgame and they remained on top throughout. It seemed that players didn’t even get any rest at night. Particularly on day two, they continued to set an incredible pace. Rocksdale joined the endgame half an hour later and initially focused on quartz industries. At this point, Petertown had already completed the first good (coal) and was halfway done with the second one (pharmaceuticals).

Both cities were able to defend their starting position until the end. Yet, we saw a fierce head-to-head battle for third place. At times, five different cities had the same amount of completed goods. After around 24 hours, Oakhill eventually pushed ahead and defended its third place through to the end. This was really an amazing achievement for a city that only joined the endgame in ninth place.

GistWarGeneral is the winner of the single-player ranking, followed by Nidayus and rompec. All three also managed to defend their positions during the endgame. It wasn’t quite as settled further down the ranking. II Alex II, Антон Кидман, Coach CB and Dimka Diamond only just managed to reach the top 20 during the endgame, securing a prize in the process. Unfortunately, this meant that Canada 19, SwenMV, Mityxa and Sev01 were close, but didn’t make the top 20 in the end.

Unlike the single-player ranking, the top of the association ranking saw quite a few changes during the endgame. ELPIDA™ held on to first place. Пожарные Мульты moved up to second from third place and Karfagen™ also improved their rank by one place. This meant THE PLAYERS narrowly missed a spot in the top three of the association ranking.

Congratulations to all winners!

A few closing remarks…

Unfortunately, we were not able to make Rail Nation Masters the extraordinary event we had envisaged. Over the course of the round, we faced technical difficulties which, despite a range of measures and more hardware than usual with any of the other servers, we were unable to fix to the extent to which we would have liked Masters to have unfolded.

The biggest issues were caused by the high load the servers had to bear. On Rail Nation Masters, more than 17,000 players from all around the world registered and more than 10,000 of them played the game actively. While we have servers with a similar number of registrations every now and again, the activity is considerably lower in those cases. High activity is the crucial factor here.

The RTS (real-time system) calculates all actions carried out by players in real time in the background. The more actions are carried out on the server, the higher the load on the system will be. On Masters, we regularly saw between 900 and 1,100 players online at the same time. In comparison, on a very active normal server that number is close to 400.

We now have to admit that the RTS wasn’t designed for such a large number of players and the corresponding level of activity.

On the one hand, we are of course delighted that we have been able to convince so many of you to play Rail Nation Masters. But on the other hand, we are very disappointed to see that your excitement was severely impaired by the state of the server itself.

For that reason, we have decided to give out the following compensation:

  • 25 free lottery tickets for all Masters participants
  • In addition, all players will again receive 25% of all the Gold they bought during the game round on Masters

The free lottery tickets will be sent to you via email in the form of a bonus code. The codes can be redeemed once. You will soon be able to transfer the Gold to a server of your choice via the Gold transfer feature.

We will send out those emails on 26.03.2018. To receive them, it’s important that you have activated the newsletter feature in the game or career settings.

It was the first round of Rail Nation Masters for both you and us – and we can learn a lot from it. We will get together in the coming days and thoroughly analyse the last 1.5 months to make sure that next time we can provide you a much better gaming experience. We hope you still enjoyed the game and it was good to see how many players stayed until the end despite the difficulties!

We wish you safe travels,
Your Rail Nation Team