Rail Nation Masters: Diesel eras in full swing!

The Morpheus is just warming up on the rails and research is already underway for Hermes, Thor and the mighty Poseidon. Rail Nation Masters has started the fourth era and is slowly rolling towards electric engines.

In the city ranking, a clearer picture has emerged since the last era. Wishington, which was still in third place last time, reached the maximum level (24) before the era change with 400 active players. Followed by Rocksdale, Courtville and Oakhill – three usual suspects from the top 10 of the previous eras. They reached level 23 and all improved their rankings. This is a noteworthy achievement, since they all have fewer than 400 active players. Petertown and Sandport are ranked 5th and 6th with a city level of 22. Petertown was placed at the top of the city ranking last time, but interestingly they were not able to defend their rank, though they have more than 500 active players. Sandport also boasts as many players and enters the top 10 as a newcomer.

The association ranking has remained relatively constant again this era. Nevertheless, there are changes to report! We welcome a new association to the top 10: New Adventure from Oldtown has snatched 10th place, removing Phönix. In fact, Phönix has even fallen back to 18th place. THE PLAYERS has lost another rank compared to last week, coming in fourth after ELPIDA ™. Will this downtrend continue in the next eras? THE PLAYERS is seemingly having to deal with fluctuations in membership. The members of Sweetground, however, were able to consolidate their second place. In the last three days, the gap with Пожарные Мульты has even been reduced from over 10,000 to about 8,000 prestige. The members are still successful in transport rankings and also occupy second and third ranks in competitions. Now they are reaching for the top!

There are two new faces in the top 10 of the single-player ranking this week. Hear Me Roar from ELPIDA ™ currently holds 8th place and C P from THE PLAYERS has snatched 10th. Mc Cool and II Alex II have slipped out of the top 10, but are still among the top 20. rompec (3rd place) joined THE PLAYERS only last week, but is now supporting Sweetground in their climb to the top. Thus, Sweetground are represented in the top 20 of the single-player ranking seven times, while THE PLAYERS are only represented three times.

We are looking forward to another exciting week and will be back on 27th February with new results. Until then, safe travels!