New auction intervals Update 4.3.0

Hello railroaders,

In Update 4.3.0 we make some great changes to the auction system for workers. Over time, we have received a lot of feedback about this feature and now want to make some adjustments to the intervals of these auctions.

Until now an auction always lasted for three hours, with a one hour break afterwards. So an association could try to win a worker up to six times a day. Competition in auctions is always fierce, since workers are powerful helpers that were kept rare because of the long auction intervals.

We often received feedback saying that due to the exclusivity of these auctions, it’s always the same associations fighting for workers while spending large amounts of money. The one hour break between auctions was also seen as too long. Thus we have shortened the duration of auctions to one hour and 55 minutes in Update 4.3.0. This is followed by a 5 minute break, before the next worker will be up for grabs. These intervals now allow for twice the number of auctions to take place every day.

With the changes we want to ensure greater variety and new tactical opportunities in regards to workers and make this feature appealing to all associations.

Have a safe journey.
The Rail Nation Team