Join the stress test to get Rail Nation stable again!

Dear players,


To test the new server infrastructure, we’re inviting all Rail Nation players to join our special stress test server, which will start on 14th February 2022.

Our goal is to generate so much activity that the server crashes or withstands a level of activity beyond what is usual for our game worlds.

Think you can break it?




Well, we’re not fully satisfied with the reliability of our previous server provider due to persistent technical issues in one form or another.

To solve this, we are now testing our preferred alternative… And we want you to try and break it! The simulation needs to run in a very active game world, which is why we’ve created a separate game world in the live environment with a testing setup environment.

We have to test both normal gameplay during all six eras and the performance bottleneck: the endgame. Therefore, we’re asking for as much activity as possible and will be rewarding players’ participation! More on the rewards and how to get them below.


When and how?


The stress test server will start on Monday, 14th February 2022, at 2pm CET. You can find it in the live lobby. We’ll be performing this test in the live environment, not the PTR. That way, all players can receive rewards directly in their live account.

To test the gameplay and complete this test swiftly, we also decided to use the Fast Forward scenario (x4 speed) for this test.

The server will be set up under test conditions, which means Gold purchases and transfers are deactivated. Every player who participates will receive 4,000 Gold on the stress test server.

Please be aware that mobile users will not be able to take part in this stress test as we need them to stay focused on mobile beta testing on the standard, live game worlds.


What do we get?


We’ll get data from the server to see the load rate in real time, with the endgame being the most critical period of a game round. This is when there are most users online simultaneously, executing the most actions.

For us, data from the endgame will be most relevant in the stress test. For this reason, there should be as many users online at the same time during the endgame as possible!

Please mark 10th March, 2pm CET in your calendar as the start of the endgame.


What do YOU get?


You get rewards! And this is where the community plays a big part. The total Gold reward will be as high as the number of active players in the endgame.

For example, if 2,000 players play the endgame simultaneously, each of them will receive 2,000 Gold. What’s more, every participant will receive the Community Hero Achievement Gold.

To make sure we have the desired level of activity and players don’t just grab the rewards, there are two conditions for obtaining them:


  1. At the end of the game round, you must have at least 50,000 prestige.
  2. You must have been active in the endgame.


After the round, Gold will be credited to your account, and you can redeem it on any game world of your choosing!

If you break the server before the end of the round, we will also distribute the rewards.


See you there!


Your Rail Nation Team