Finally back – Rail Nation: Clash!

Dear players,

Rail Nation: Clash! is back – in a special football edition. The popular Rail Nation: Clash! is finally launching again and there’s a whole host of prizes up for grabs. Since last year, a few changes have been made to the game.

As the World Cup is entering its final week in Russia, Rail Nation: Clash! is starting the preliminary round with points to be won. After that, the number of points distributed will increase with each successive round.

This time, Clash! revolves around the topic of football! But this doesn’t mean you have to be a die-hard football fan to beat the competition in this event! As before, the rewards include attractive achievements. In addition, Gold prizes are available for the top three places, and material prizes will be drawn among the top 20.



You may only participate in Rail Nation: Clash! with one Rail Nation account.

You can play 5 ranked matches every day.

2/7 – 8/7 Training: No points for the ranking yet

9/7 – 17/7 Preliminary round (Single points: 6 points for 1st, 4 points for 2nd, 2 points for 3rd)

18/7 – 24/7 Round of sixteen (Double points: 12, 8, 4)

25/7 – 30/7 Quarter finals (Triple points: 18, 12, 6)

31/7 – 3/8 Semi-finals (Quadruple points: 24, 16, 8)

4/8 – 5/8 Final (Five-fold points: 30, 20, 10)



1st-10th: 1,000 career points

11th-100th: 500 career points

101st-1,000th: 250 career points

1,001st-10,000th: 100 career points

All other participants: 25 career points



1st: 3,000 Gold

2nd: 2,000 Gold

3rd: 1,000 Gold

We will also raffle three current World Cup football shirts among the 20 best-ranked players. The winners can choose the nation and size.

We hope you have fun in Rail Nation: Clash!
The Rail Nation Team