Everything you need to know about the European landmarks

More than a treat for the eyes – your city and its landmark

Rail Nation Europe Landmarks Map

The Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and the Cathedral of Cologne are highlights on the map in Steam over Europe and also form a crucial element of your tactics. Supply them with goods and passengers to allow your city to grow. Each city has its own landmark. The landmark level limits the maximum city level. At landmark level one your city can grow up to level five. Each additional level of the landmark adds another five levels to your city’s maximum level.

How to upgrade a landmark

The landmark requires all the goods your city has ever requested. From level five passengers are of course also required. The higher your city’s level, the more difficult it will be to level up your landmark. One thing is certain: an elaborate strategy will form the key to success for your city and region.

Required quantities to level up

In this table you can find the standard quantities required per good. Depending on the number of players connected to the city, the tons per good can vary.
The distance of the industry to the landmark adjusts your income.

As soon as your city has reached level five, passengers will also be required. The landmark needs 15 times as many passengers as goods.

Level Tons/good Investment Max. level
1  5
2    50,000 t   $10,000,000  10
3   100,000 t   $20,000,000  15
4   150,000 t   $30,000,000  20
5   200,000 t   $40,000,000  25
6   250,000 t   $50,000,000  30
7   300,000 t   $60,000,000  35
8   400,000 t   $80,000,000  40
9   500,000 t  $100,000,000  45
10   750,000 t  $150,000,000  50
11  1,000,000 t  $200,000,000  55
12  1,500,000 t  $300,000,000  60
13  2,000,000 t  $400,000,000  65
14  2,500,000 t  $500,000,000  70
15  3,000,000 t  $600,000,000  80

Let’s talk about money!

Just after the level-up the warehouses of the landmark are empty and premiums are high. Those who react quickly after the upgrade will get the highest premiums. It’s the best way to make a great contribution to your city as well as your own coffers.

You can use the money directly for the next landmark level. Besides goods, investments are also required for the upgrade.

Let’s talk about prestige!

With every landmark upgrade prestige will be awarded. Similar to city goods, you will receive more prestige for higher ranks in the list of suppliers. The same is true for investments: who paid in more, receives more prestige.

Now you know how this feature works. Log in now and start a round on a Steam over Europe server!