The endgame in Europe – All the information from game designer Bruno

Dear railway fans,

As in any round of Rail Nation, the highlight of the Europe scenario is its grand finale: the endgame!

I’ll now tell you about the specifics of the Europe endgame.

Das Endspiel im neuen Client

More than 10 cities in the endgame

If a region has more than one city in the top 10, more than 10 cities can take part in the endgame.

The rule is as follows:

  • The first 10 cities in the ranking take part
  • At least one city per region takes part in the endgame

Everyone listen to my command!

The mayor and the members of the city council can directly announce one of the currently required endgame goods. The selected good is then highlighted in the game. This saves time as forum and chat orders become obsolete.

The fight for the victory in Europe

Regional ranking

The region receives 400 points towards the regional ranking for each fully delivered good in the endgame. It really pays off to have multiple cities take part in the endgame.

The region hosting the victorious megacity will receive 10,000 points on top. Second place awards 5,000 points and rank three 2,500.

Player ranking

Each individual player receives prestige according to the placement of their region:

  1. 100,000 prestige
  2. 80,000 prestige
  3. 70,000 prestige
  4. 60,000 prestige
  5. 50,000 prestige
  6. 40,000 prestige
  7. 30,000 prestige
  8. 20,000 prestige
  9. 10,000 prestige
  10. 0 prestige

Everything else will remain as normal

The winner again is the mecacity that first received the required amounts of all 48 goods and passengers.

The landmarks are irrelevant in the endgame. An upgrade during the endgame will of course still award 2,000 points for the regional ranking.

Best regards and a lot of fun in the game wishes


Game Designer