Wednesday March 18th, 2020

Corona and Rail Nation: Take Care

Dear players,

with the Corona pandemic spreading in all parts of the world and more and more countries closing borders, cancelling public events or even imposing a curfew, we all have to adapt to this new reality and take care of ourselves and each other. This pandemic touches most of our lives in some way and we hope you stay healthy and wish you and your loved ones a quick recovery if you are already affected.

As gamers, we all share a hobby that is luckily not affected by the Corona pandemic. In these unusual times where we might have to spend a long time at home, games are a form of entertainment that remains available and we are still able to keep up the social contacts to our online friends. With people having to stay at home, boredom and loneliness can become a challenge for many people and games can help to reduce those problems.

This is why, after the rapid spread of  the virus and the lock down in Italy, we wanted to support our Italian players who have to stay at home right now and sent them a bonus code for 500 gold and 14 days of Plus Account last Friday.

Now, a few days later, the situation has changed and more countries will face similar situations as Italy.

This is why we decided to expand this initiative to everyone and hope that this makes the lives of all players at least a little bit easier.
Starting immediately, you can use the bonus code „TAKE-CARE“ to receive 500 Gold and 14 days of Plus Account on one game world of your choice.

Here are the details:

  • Bonuscode: TAKE-CARE
  • Yes, upper case spelling and the „-„ are important.
  • When you copy the code, please make sure to check you didn’t also copy an empty space…or just type it manually
  • The code can only be used in the browser and on Android devices.
  • The code can only be used once per account, i.e. on only one game world per player
  • The code is valid until the 30th of June 2020.
  • The code needs to be entered in the shop, as seen here:

We hope you all take care and we wish you all the best in these troubled times.

Your Rail Nation Team


PS: Due to doing this rather quickly, this blog post is currently not available in any other languages. Our apologies for that.


  • Squirrel Nutkin says:

    Again those who don’t have the ability to use a pc or android device miss out.

    I love that you are generously giving these gifts out, but it put those of us with just apple devices, iPad and iPhone here, at a disadvantage, and helps us feel left out and undervalued as the poor relative.

    Please find a way for these offers to be taken advantage of by us, surely you can put something into our shop area or somewhere? I even tried going onto the browser on the iPad disabling the apps, but it needs flash to run, that doesn’t work on iPad.

    • Samisu says:

      Hi there,

      I understand the need to give everyone an option to redeem bonus codes on any device they choose. Unfortunately, iOS does not support this sort of bonus code system so the only way for iOS users is to use the PC version or Android version to redeem codes and then return to iOS version. We would have added the ‘redeem bonus code’ option to iOS if it was possible. Thankfully each bonus code is valid for a longer time, and no matter your device or browser, the account is still connected. I hope you can access pc or Android before the codes expire.

  • pemmore says:

    Merci rail-nation et leurs développeurs,
    En France nous avons tous croisé des gens qui avaient cotoyé des malades sans savoir si on l’est aussi, ce qui fait un peu peur,
    On va profiter du confinement pour jouer à rail nation et éviter de se mettre en danger et mettre en danger les autres,
    Ne pas faire comme certains qui partent en villégiature dans des zônes blanches (Normandie Bretagne, Vendée) avec leur poison mortel dans la valise, jouer chez soi c’est. mieux.
    bonne chance pour de très nombreux serveurs rail-nation.

  • Robert Bailey says:

    Indeed thanos to rail nation for thie gift. More importantly may the hand of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior guide and protect us all and our families in this time of global crisis.

  • Jan Dahle says:

    Thank you very, very much!
    We have to take care of everyone
    and wish all people around the world good Luck
    for future

  • CRHaynes says:

    How kind you are, to think of the people of the world in times of unrest, thank you team “Rail Nation” for your generosity..

  • camimar says:

    Thank you very much. You’re wonderful!

  • Ronald says:

    Thank you and all take care of yourself and others
    Regrettably I cannot use the code. Rail nation, you forget the Apple users.

  • X2NE says:

    E’ un momento difficile per tutti.Raccomando di stare in casa,non è una raccomandazione.è una necessità per ognuno di noi .

  • Wingnutz says:

    Very generous of RN, God keep you all safe too.

  • Scott Overbay says:

    Thank you very much!!

  • AK74Vall says:

    Thank you!
    Take Care as well!

  • Sootie says:

    Much appreciated.

    Thank you very much.

    Stay safe!

  • Bill Willams says:

    Thank you all and take care also.

  • Swannie says:

    Thanks RN.

    Sympathy to all infected player and family members and to where things are very difficult

  • Contravin says:

    Take care be safe.

  • Athanasios Christopoulow says:

    I thank everyone around the world who cares about human nation. Also a great THANKS to all medical teams for their efforts.

  • АтоС says:

    Thank you!
    Good encouragement for players.
    You are a good and progressive team!
    Let the various pandemics pass you by!

  • maesy says:

    that is a nice gesture, take care everyone !!

  • Sofía Gonzalez says:

    Queridos jugadores,
    Con la pandemia del Coronavirus alcanzando a cada vez más gente en el mundo y más y más países cerrando sus fronteras, cancelando eventos públicos o imponiendo toques de queda, todos tenemos que adaptarnos a esta nueva realidad y cuidarnos a nosotros mismos y a los otros. Esta pandemia afecta a la mayor parte de nuestras vidas de alguna manera y nosotros esperamos que estén saludables y deseamos que sus seres queridos se recuperen rápidamente si ya fueron afectados.
    Como gamers, compartimos un hobby que por fortuna no se encuentra afectado por la pandemia Corona. En estos tiempos tan extraños donde quizás debamos pasar largos ratos en casa, los juegos son la forma de entretenimiento que permanece disponible y donde todavía podemos estar en contacto con nuestros amigos en línea. Con la gente teniendo que permanecer en casa, el aburrimiento y la soledad pueden convertirse en un desafío para muchos y los juegos pueden ayudar a reducir estos problemas.
    Esta es la razón por la cual, luego de la rápida expansión del virus y del cierre de Italia, queríamos apoyar a nuestros jugadores italianos que deben quedarse en casa y les enviamos un código para un bonus de 500 piezas de oro y 14 días de una Cuenta Plus el pasado viernes.
    Ahora, tan solo unos días después, la situación ha cambiado y más países enfrentan situaciones parecidas a la de Italia.
    Por eso decidimos expandir esta iniciativa a todos y esperamos que esto haga que las vidas de todos los jugadores se vuelvan por lo menos un poco más fáciles.
    Comenzando desde este momento, pueden usar el código “TAKE-CARE” para recibir 500 piezas de oro y 14 días de Cuenta Plus en un mundo de juego de su elección.

    Aquí están los detalles:
    -Código: TAKE-CARE
    -Sí, las mayúsculas son importantes.
    -Cuando copien el código, por favor asegúrense de no copiar espacios… o tan solo escriban el código a mano.
    -El código solo puede ser utilizado en dispositivos Android o en el navegador.
    -El código solo se puede utilizar una vez por cuenta, ej.: en un solo mundo de juego por jugador.
    -El código es válido hasta el 30 de junio del 2020.
    -Se debe ingresar el código en la Tienda como se ve en la imagen del posteo original.

    Esperamos que se cuiden y les deseamos lo mejor en estos tiempos turbulentos.

    Su Equipo de Rail Nation

    PS: Por haber hecho esto tan rápidamente este posteo no está disponible en otros idiomas. Nos disculpamos por eso.
    Hola a todos! Hice una traducción un poco apresurada para lo que no entienden nada de inglés. Lo único que no puedo copiar son las imágenes por lo cual tendrían que verlas en el posteo original.
    Espero que sea útil.
    A cuidarse a unos mismos y a los demás!

  • Joe Blackwater says:

    Thank you very much!
    Take care of everyone and good luck to all people around the world 🙂

  • Meader says:

    Greatly Appreciated, Thanks RN, Keep up the good work!!


    Could make it available to all people’s game worlds.

  • kimba 1st grade says:

    thank you very much, wish other game makers would follow your lead

  • •Elle• says:

    Thank you, this is much appreciated.

    Look after yourselves everyone.

  • Qéwekrgh says:

    Thank you very much
    Best of health to your staff, their families and the rest of the world: Keep yourself and others safe!

  • Lacidd23 says:

    ​Thank you very much! I am grateful!

    I wish you strength, health, and success!​

    Lacidd23 🙂

  • ҊѲṂƎȠ ₦ƹᵴȼɨф ® says:

    Amazing gesture,thanks.

    Everybody stay healthy and united to kick some coronabut

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