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Build your own railroad empire.
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Build your railroad empire!

Dive with Rail Nation into the exciting world of railways! In the worldwide popular strategy game you play with more than 3 million players for prestige and a place in the eternal leaderboard! In associations you grow more powerful and ally with other players for even greater success! Competitions, personalities and bonuses at associations improve your chances of winning against others! An epic economic simulation as you have never experienced before in another railroad game.
  • Join a community of over 3 million players
  • Collect the most prestige on your server
  • Choose from over 100 true to original trains
  • Find the best strategy for your goods
  • Organize yourself with friends in powerful associations
  • Win competitions and activate personalities
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A paradise for train fans!

Experience the entire history of railroads in six exciting eras! With each new era for you to explore, connect more modern goods to your rail network, unlock new trains and upgrade your station. Dozens of trains, starting from steam to diesel to modern passenger trains - all are waiting to be explored by you. The 11 station buildings have a total of 250 stages of development, ranging from the small station house to the super modern mega station!
  • Play in 6 epochs of railway history
  • Build 11 station buildings with more than 250 level upgrades
  • Explore dozens of trains
  • Acquire powerful freight locomotives and stylish passenger trains
  • Upgrade your trains with countless upgrades
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Become a railroad strategists!

Right from the start of the first epoch you need to approach tactically: To which industry should the first rail be placed? Which industries are worth investing the first, hard-earned rails in? Which trains in the research tree give me the greatest benefit and when is it worth to transport passengers from town to town? Thanks to continuous new goods, trains and building upgrade levels remains Rail Nation exciting until the end of the 6 epochs lasting round!
  • Expand your rail network tactically
  • Use existing resources to your advantage
  • Plan ahead and secure new routes early
  • Find the most lucrative industries and routes
  • Deliver goods to cities to let them grow
  • Compete in the Classic and USA scenario
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